Backyard Concert: The Knotwork Band

Saturday, September 18th 2021

1:30 PM

No registration needed. If it rains we will move inside and seating will be limited.

The Knotwork Band is a trio of musicians performing Celtic folk music, both traditional and modern. The band takes its name from Celtic knotwork, an art form particular to the ancient peoples of Ireland and Scotland where cords or lines are woven into intricate patterns and highly stylized designs. Like Celtic knotwork, the talents of the individual members are interwoven to form each piece of music. Band members play a wide variety of instruments including; fiddles, whistles, flutes, mandolins, Irish bouzouki, guitars, Northumbrian small pipes, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrans, bones, and vocals. The audience can expect to hear Celtic folk music from Ireland, Scotland, England, and Brittany, as well as, American and World music with ties to Celtic folk music, either musically or historically. Their wide spectrum of musical styles ranges from beautiful waltzes to exciting jigs and reels. The band’s music ranges from slow and hauntingly beautiful melodies to faster-paced and energetic pieces which will get the toes tapping.