Ghostly Love Stories from Pennsylvania’s Past

Thursday, October 20th 2022

6:30 PM

Told By: Storyteller Bill Wood.

Description:  A spectral soldier from the revolution rides across the hills of Chester County.  The onetime fiancée of our only bachelor president stares out the window of a mansion northeast of Lancaster.  A coal miner’s restless spirit refuses to stay in his coffin.  Pennsylvania was at the center of many of our nations’ early military and political struggles.  Passions ran high and many lives were lost.  So, it is no surprise that Pennsylvania is the setting for many stories of restless souls cut down in the fullness of life whose spirits still haunt the old homes and battlegrounds that are the backdrop for our modern lives.  For more than 30 years storyteller, Bill Wood, has been delving into the lore and legends of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Join him now as he leads us on a delightful, frightful journey into the history and haunts of Pennsylvania’s past!

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