The Warren-Shay Military Collection on Exhibit

Saturday, September 25th 2021

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Every day, Monday, September 20th 2021 - Saturday, September 25th 2021

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Nick Serikstad grew up in Cornwall, New York and moved to Lebanon, PA in 2004. He is a 2008 High School graduate of Cedar Crest High School. Nick is a Career Firefighter in East York and is married to his wife of three years, Emily Serikstad.

Nick served in the PA Army National Guard from 2009 until 2015 where he earned his wings as an Air Traffic Controller. Growing up around the West Point Military Academy, he has always had an interest in military history. He started collecting in 2014 and has since created the Warren-Shay Military Collection with the goal of sharing the stories of our nation’s Veterans. The collection has a limited footprint in World War I, however covers many aspects of both the European and Pacific Theaters of war during World War II.

“Its more than a hobby, it’s my mission and passion to share the stories of those who served. Every piece in my collection has a story and it is my job to help share it.”

This exhibit will feature many local military artifacts once owned by veterans who served during World War II. You will find uniforms, dog tags, medals, American field gear, flak protection gear used by US Airmen, and letters written home to loved ones. Each piece being attributed to its previous owner with a story of service to tell.