Strategic Directions – Road Map for the Future

The library’s last strategic plan was finalized in late 2015. The plan, which was to cover 2016 through 2021 centered on four focus areas:

1. Nourishing the Mind
2. Enriching the Community
3. Connecting to the World
and underpinning it all
4. Building a Firm Financial Foundation for the Future

That plan has allowed us to:

  • Develop a robust collection of books, DVDs, and databases to fill the needs and interests of our community.
  • Expand and diversify our programming to appeal to all ages – young, old, and everyone in between.
  • Strengthen long-standing relationships with community partners while forging new ones as well.
  • Benefit from well-rounded support from all members of our community – municipal leaders, businesses and organizations, and caring individuals.

We were able to weather this past year by holding true to gains made from that strategic plan while adapting our programs and policies to account for the new realities.

We’ve learned much over the last year in analyzing trends, both local and national, but are now looking to you, members of our community, to help us create a roadmap for the future. To that end the Board of Trustees, along with the Library Director, reinstituted the Strategic Planning Committee in 2020 with an eye towards finalizing the library’s next strategic plan.

In addition to the survey found here, in the coming months we will be holding community conversations and looking to convene focus groups to gather further thoughts and ideas. If you would be interested in participating please let us know by sending your name and contact info to