Find read-in-one-sitting thrillers at the Lititz Public Library.

Whispers of the Dead : A Special Tracking Unit NovelWhispers of the Dead by Spencer Kope
An FBI tracker, renowned for his ability to follow trails over any surface, matches wits with a killer who broke into a Federal judge’s house and left a pair of severed feet stored in a portable cooler.

Kill the Angel by Sandrone Dazieri
Despite a claim of responsibility, two maverick Rome police investigators don’t believe a train carriage full of dead bodies is linked to terrorists.

Light it Up by Nick Petrie
A combat veteran agrees to help a good friend find his son-in-law, the owner of a security company that protects cash-rich marijuana entrepreneurs from modern-day highwaymen, who has gone missing with a large sum of client money.

London Rules by Mick Herron
With Britain rocked by an apparently random string of terror attacks, the agents of MI5’s satellite office for outcast and demoted spies sniff out the responsible parties and decide to break a few more rules.

Lost CreedLost Creed by Alex Kava
A man, who rescues abandoned dogs and trains them for scent detection, receives news the FBI has found a clue that may explain the disappearance of his sister fifteen years earlier.

The Night Market by Jonathan Moore
Two days after discovering a grizzly crime scene, a San Francisco homicide inspector awakes with no memory of the murder and endeavors to find out what happened.

The Plea by Steve Cavanagh
When the FBI pressures him to persuade a billionaire accused of murdering his girlfriend to plead guilty, a con-artist-turned-lawyer becomes convinced the man is innocent.

The Saint of Wolves and Butchers by Alex Grecian
A man, who travels the world pursuing evildoers in order to bring them to justice, is on the trail of a Nazi doctor and concentration camp administrator who snuck into the US in the 1950s.

The TakeThe Take by Christopher Reich
A freelance industrial spy draws on his skills as a former criminal to outwit a gangster who has orchestrated the greatest street heist in the history of Paris, including a secret letter that could upend the balance of world power.

The Third Victim by Phillip Margolin
Evidence suggests a man is guilty of torturing and burning two women, but a young lawyer who joins the team defending him uncovers secrets that contradict the claim.

Act of Revenge by Dale Brown
When a coordinated string of terrorist attacks hit Boston, a robotics innovator leads a team of tech geniuses to save the city.

The Bishop’s Pawn by Steve Berry
A Justice Department agent reckons with an incident from eighteen years ago when, as a young Navy lawyer, he helped with an investigation related to a rare coin and secret files containing explosive revelations about the Martin Luther King assassination.

Caribbean RimCaribbean Rim by Randy Wayne White
A marine biologist helps an old friend when his cache of rare Spanish coins and the list of uncharted wreck sites he spent years putting together go missing.

A Death in Live Oak by James Grippando
After a white student is charged in Florida’s first racial terror lynching in more than half a century, a defense attorney contends with rising political tensions and sensational media coverage.

The Deceivers by Alex Berenson
The president enlists a former CIA agent to investigate sleeper cells, sniper teams, false flag operations, double agents high in the US government and a Russian plot to take over the government.

The DisappearedThe Disappeared by C.J. Box
A Wyoming game warden is asked to find out what happened to a prominent British executive who never came home from the high-end guest ranch she was visiting.

Fade to Black by David Rosenfelt
Struggling to recover his memory after being wounded in the line of duty, a New Jersey State police officer is approached by a fellow member of his amnesia support group with the discovery of a cold-case murder victim’s scrapbook.


July 6, 2018