The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 4, 1881

LEXINGTON SCHOOL REPORT –The following is a brief report of the Lexington Union School, H.W. Diehm, teacher, for the month ending February 21: Whole number of pupils enrolled 40; males, 16; females, 24; percentage of males, 94; percentage of females, 90; total 92.

Names of pupils who have not missed a day during the month: Oscar Hackman, Phares Enck, Monroe Zartman, Benj. Eckert, Wayner Enck, Harry Fetter, Ella G. Kryder, Alice Fetter, Cora L. Gantz, Emma Fetter, Lizzie Hackman, Clara I. Schreiner, Emma A. Schreiner, Lizzie C. Zartman, Emma G. Kryder, Clara Hertz.

The following pupils missed the number of words supplemented to their names: Lizzie Zartman 1, Leone Williams 1, Emma Schreiner 1, Wm. Williams 1, Emma Weidman 1, Emma Kryder 1, Monroe W. Phillippi 2, J.L. Hertz 2.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 8, 1881

REPORT OF LEXINGTON UNION SCHOOL –The following is a brief report of the above-named school for the last month, ending March 23d: Number of male pupils, 16; females, 24; average attendance of males, 15; female, 22.

Twelve boys have not missed a day during the month. Their names are Monroe Eckert, William Enck, Harry Fetter, Wayne Enck, Ben. Eckert, M. Zartman, Phares Enck, Phares Weidman, Wilson Gantz, Oscar Hackman, J.L. Hertz, Wilson Schreine

The following girls attended every day during the month: Emma Zartman, Callie V. Hertz, Ella Kryder, Alice Fetter, Cora Gantz, Emma Fetter, Lizzie Hackman, Clara Hertz, Emma Schreiner, Sallie Enck, Lizzie Zartman, Emma Kryder.

Monroe Phillippi, Wm. Williams, and Emma Weidman, of the 2d A spelling class, have not missed any words during the month.

Alice Fetter, Harry Fetter, Wilson Schreiner, Ella Kryder, Monroe Zartman, Mary Miller, Emma Zartman, of the smaller class, have also stood without being trapped. H.W. DIEHM, Teacher


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 8, 1881

VARIETIES –A spelling bee was held in the Rome school on Monday evening, and was largely attended. The prize for best spelling was awarded to ____ Gibble, consisting of the book entitled “Robinson Crusoe.”


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 13, 1881

TEACHERS’ EXAMINATIONS –County Superintendent B.F. Shaub, will hold teachers’ examinations as follows: Salisbury, May 16; Caenarvonm May 18; Earl, May 19; West Earl, May 20; East Lampeter, May 23; Bart, May 24; Paradise, May 25; Manor and Washington, May 26; Warwick and Lititz, May 27; Rapho, May 28; East Cocalico and Adamstown, May 30; Brecknock, May 31; West Cocalico, June 1; Upper Leacock, June 2; Pequea, June 3.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 3, 1881

EXAMINATION OF TEACHERS –Prof. B.F. Shaub on Friday last held the annual teacher’s examination for Warwick township and Lititz district in one of the public school rooms. Fifteen entered the class, and the examination was confined principally on history and geography. Among the number one failed and did not make her appearance in the afternoon, while the rest passed through successfully and were highly praised by the superintendent.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 10, 1881

SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS AND APPOINTMENT OF TEACHERS –The school board of Warwick township met at the Kemper House on Monday afternoon and organized by re-electing Peter Witmer, president, E.N. Eoy(?), secretary, and C.H. Bomberger treasurer. Teacher for the thirteen schools in the township were then balloted for, resulting as follows:

  • Warwick – Hiram P. Fry
  • Rome – Lou. S. Yetter
  • Lookout – Horace N. Biemesderfer
  • Sunny Side – J. Lincoln Hertz
  • Millport – John A. Meiley
  • Lower Rothsville – A.N. Stauter
  • Upper Rothsville – John F. Ruth
  • Union – Hiram W. Diehm
  • Lexington – John H. Enck
  • Fairview – Martin M. Fieles
  • New Haven – Jerome Beimesderfer
  • Buch’s – Isaac K. Huber
  • Brunnerville – Sallie Bruckart


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 24, 1881

NEW SCHOOL HOUSE –A Special meeting of the board of school directors of Warwick township was held at the Kemper House on Saturday evening. A new school house was agreed upon, to be erected along the road leading from Millport to Rothsville, about midway between the two villages. Work will be commenced in July and the building is to be finished so that a school can be opened in the fall.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 16, 1881

ROTHSVILLE BRIEFS –Two new school houses are being erected in the village and are fast arriving at completion.


The Lititz Express, September 17, 1881

Brunnerville Items –School opens with Miss Sarah Bruckhart as pedagoguess. She is an experienced and successful teacher, and her school will no doubt show the effect of her abilities.


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