Volunteer Opportunities

We have several volunteer opportunities for those who want to get involved.  Most volunteer positions are jobs that you will work on your own.  If you are looking for a more social volunteer experience, contact the Friends of the Library for information on how to get involved with one of their projects.

Volunteer Opportunities

Shelf Monitor – weekly or bi-weekly
The shelf monitor is a very important part of the library team. An incorrectly shelved book is a lost book.  It is the monitor’s job to check that books and other items are shelved in the correct order.  If you are interested in this position, please click the Sign Up below and come to our next informative meeting.

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Book Sorting – weekly schedule
Book sorters will come in at regular intervals to sort our donated books into categories.  These books are then added to the library collection or  sold by the library online or at our bi-annual book sale.    You will be trained by one of our experienced book sorters on what to look for when you sort.  Contact our book sorters at kea422@hotmail.com to get started.

Community Service Volunteer Opportunities

Community Service volunteers can be adults or students.  If you are seeking to complete community service hours, please contact the library at info@lititzlibrary.org or call us at 717-803-2221.  You should know how many hours you need to complete, the date you need to be finished, and how many hours per week you would like to work.

Book Cleaning
Books need frequent cleaning.  This job can be done by adults working with a companion or by students who want to complete Community Service hours.  The Book Cleaner will use paper towels and a spray bottle with a mild cleaning solution to wipe grime and dirt off books.

Shelf Organizing
In a busy library, it does not take long for shelves to become disorderly.  You will go shelf by shelf and make sure there are no gaps on the shelf and that all books are pulled forward and display books are placed on holders.  Some books on shelves may need shifting.