Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Promote Lifelong Learning:

– Enhance library resources that foster literacies across the spectrum.
– Invest in programs that focus on continuous learning for families and individuals of diverse backgrounds and needs.

Build Capacity:

– Create a workplace that can recruit and retain a skilled, professional workforce.
– Remain aware of trends, within the industry and the community, to make informed decisions.
– Continue to use ongoing assessment tools to prioritize physical plant improvements.

Increase Public Access:

– Invest in tools, technology, and training that enable people of all backgrounds and abilities to discover and use our collections and resources.
– Invest in policies and procedures that increase access by addressing barriers to collections, programs, and services.

Achieve Excellence

– Align resources and relationships to remain a leader in the community and the industry.
Encourage the sharing and adopting of best practices and innovations.
– Leverage our distinct role as a trusted source of information.
– Promote community engagement and dialogue.

(Approved and Adopted by the Board of Trustees, March 7, 2022)