Our Mission

Lititz Public Library FrontOur Mission

The Lititz Public Library provides an environment for the exercise of intellectual freedom and civil discourse.  We are dedicated to providing access to materials and databases that support evidence-based analysis and discussion.

Our Vision Statement

The Lititz Public Library strives to be a welcoming hub for a dynamic community. Rooted in the local community since 1935, we are committed to continued transformational growth. By offering innovative programs, materials, technology and services, the Library is a place for life-long learners to discover, grow, share, create and connect. The Library will continue to engage with educational institutions, local organizations, and civic groups to promote the educational, cultural, economic and social well-being of this growing and vibrant region.

Our Core Values

The Lititz Public Library fulfills its Mission through the following values:

 Welcoming and Respectful:
– Providing a warm, friendly environment to gather, learn and share.
– Continuing to value and support the diversity of people, ideas, perspectives and our patrons’ right to privacy.

Trustworthy and Ethical:
Providing an environment for factual resources, thoughtful programming and intellectual freedom.
– Being a responsible, transparent steward of our financial, physical and material resources, and being accountable for our performance.

Engaged and Relevant:
– Remaining an active member of the community where we were founded and where we continue to thrive.
– Honoring our history, while continually looking for new, original ways to address needs and advance our community.

Collaborative and Innovative:
– Working cooperatively to be a trusted partner inside and outside the organization.
– Proactively and intentionally seeking out new technologies, programming and resources that improve and redefine the patron experience.

Caring and Encouraging:
– Employing a positive, service-oriented staff focused on patrons’ interests and needs.
– Being a resource that continually fosters curiosity, expands thinking, and inspires life-long learning.


(Approved by the Board of Trustees on 1 February 2021.)