Facts and FAQs

Fact Sheet

The Lititz Public Library serves the 32,388 residents who live in Elizabeth Township, Lititz Borough and Warwick Township. The facility opened in June 1999 and is 16,200 sq. ft. in size. The collection includes 70,501 books, audiobooks, films, and music CDs. The library also provides online access to downloadable audiobooks and eBooks, which were checked out over 40,000 times in 2021. The library is open 60 hours per week and has a paid staff equivalent of 12 1/2 full-time employees.

Many folks walked through our doors in 2021, 111,594 people to be precise. Almost as many accessed our website, registering 94,247 entrances. Lititz Public Library has 15,431 registered borrowers (age five and older) who checked out 300,232 physical items in 2021, and 10,720 persons attended 507 programs.

Operating funds come from many sources:
Commonwealth of PA 15%
Lancaster County 2% *
Warwick Township 12%
Lititz Borough 6%
Elizabeth Township 2%
Warwick School District <1%
General Contributions 53%
Friends of the Library 2%
Fines, Printer & Copier Fees 4%
Endowment Earnings 5%
* The county provides an annual allocation for shared services from the Library System of Lancaster County

Frequently Asked Questions

Books/Audiobooks—2 weeks unless otherwise stated on book spine or audiobook box, unlimited number.
Music CDs—2 week checkout.
Videocassettes/DVDs—1 week checkout.

Yes there is an after-hours book drop located just in front of the library. Items placed in the drop box after hours will always be counted as having been returned the previous day the library was open. We check the drop box in the morning, but ask you to return items inside during regular business hours if it is due that day.

The Lititz Public Library offers a variety of storytimes for young children and their families. Little Steps Storytimes (for babies 6-24 months), Toddler Storytimes (ages 2-3) and Preschool Storytimes (ages 3 1/2 to 5) are offered in the spring and the fall. Fall registration is held in September and spring registration is held in January. Check the Youth Services page for dates and details about storytime registration.


The Lititz Public Library has a genealogy room which is available for use by the public during the library’s normal hours of operation. For more information, visit the Genealogy Room page by CLICKING HERE.

The Friends of the Lititz Public Library is a group dedicated to the purpose of focusing attention on library services, programs, facilities, needs and advocacy and raising funds through projects and special events.If you would like to meet other Friends or volunteer for special projects join our monthly meetings held the last Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Most meetings are held at the library but you can call the library at 626-2255 to confirm the time and place.

CLICK HERE for a Friends Application.

The Library System of Lancaster County has partnered with several museums in Lancaster County to promote educational and cultural learning opportunities for children and their families residing in the county. Museum passes are available for loan to any adult with a valid Lancaster County public library card. The museum passes are located at the circulation desk of the library.

You can make a difference in your community by donating to or volunteering at the Lititz Public Library.


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