The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 5, 1892

LOCAL DISHUPS – The Warwick school board met last Saturday and paid off the teachers for the month of January.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 25, 1892

TOWN TALK AND TATTER – D.W. Dietrich’s Warwick school closed on Friday; J.B. Haag’s on Wednesday. A long vacation now stares both pupils and teachers in the face.

BRUNNERVILLE NEWS – The measles have been prevailing in this vicinity the past few weeks. Twenty-four pupils had been absent from school at one time on account of the disease and quite a number of children are still suffering.

Our school closed Wednesday. There would be an opening to some good young man or woman to teach summer school, which we should have by all means.

The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 8, 1892

LINCOLN LOCALS – Miss Lottie Eitnier has started a summer school at Brunnerville. We wish the young lady success in her efforts.
Teachers’ Examinations – Applicants for schools in northern Lancaster county will be examined at the times and places designated in the following list. The examinations will begin at 9 A.M.: [only local of interest places}

  • May 19 – Penn township and Manheim borough, Manheim.
  • June 3 – Elizabeth township, Brickerville.
  • June 9 – Manheim township, Neffsville.
  • June 14 – Warwick township and Lititz borough, Lititz


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 29, 1892

Brunnerville News. – Franklin Bentz has torn down his old house and will reside in the old school house until his new house is built.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 6, 1892

Educational Notes – The Warwick school board bought half an acre of ground from Ambrose Mahlschnee at Kissel Hill for $325, on which to erect a school house. It is located at the corner of the narrow street west of Mr. Mahlschnee’s residence. (this is the intersection of Landis Valley Road and Kissel Hill Road.) Also a piece of ground from Benj. Brubaker 50×50 feet at the rate of $320 per acre, on which will be located a new school house west of Kissel Hill.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 20, 1892

Contract Awarded for School Houses – The Warwick township school board met at the Warwick House last Saturday and opened the bids for the erection of three frame school houses to be built in the township this spring. There were a number of bids, the lowest being E.M. Shenk & Son, of Millway, who offered to construct the three for $3,623. The contract was awarded to them.
The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 17, 1892

THE TEACHERS’ ORDEAL – On Tuesday County Supt. M.J. Brecht held teachers’ examination here for Lititz and Warwick Districts. A very small class happened to be present consisting of four only, three of whom passed, while the spectators were much more numerous. [There follows a not very brief synopsis of the subjects and questions tendered. I would not want to attempt this test without much studying.]
Warwick School Teachers – The schools of Warwick township will open on the 19th of September. The following teachers were appointed by the board:

  • Buch’s – J.J. Biemesderfer
  • Fair View – Nathan Reist
  • Kissel Hill – May Breneman
  • Warwick No. 1 – J.G. Haag
  • Warwick No. 2 – D.W. Dietrich
  • Huber’s – J.W.G. Hershey
  • Lexington – C.W. Snyder
  • Rome – Lizzie R. Gibbel
  • Brunnerville – H.R. Gibbel
  • Upper Rothsville – J.F. Ruth
  • Lower Rothsville – W.E. Gochenour
  • Pleasant View – A.N. Stauter
  • Millport – Norma Seitz
  • Sunnyside – Miles Murr
  • Millway – H. E. Slagenhaup

The salaries of teachers in the two higher grades were increased $5 per month in consideration of the large increase received from the state appropriation.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 9, 1892

ALL HOME NEWS – The Warwick schools will open Monday, September 19th.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 16, 1892

Brunnerville News – Our public school will open on Monday with H.R. Gibbel as teacher.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, October 7, 1892

THE LOCAL NEWS – Jerome Biemesderfer is sick the past two weeks and his school (at Buch’s) is closed.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 11, 1892

HALF COLUMN OR SO – All of the public schools will be closed next week in order that the teachers may attend the county institute.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 18, 1892

Neighborhood News – The Lancaster County Teachers’ Institute was opened on Monday with an enrollment of 650. The opening address was made by Rev. J. Max Hark.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 16, 1892

ALL SORTS OF ITEMS – The district teachers’ institute to be held here on Saturday is open for visitors. If you have spare time go and hear what the teachers have to say. You will be welcome.

COMPULSORY EDUCATION – Dr. Waller, the superintendent of public instruction, has issued his annual report. Again he takes occasion to suggest a law compelling children to attend school. His argument is attractive to many people, but we venture that there is a great majority against compulsory education. The recommendation may result in the introduction of a bill in the next Legislature. If one is presented it will be handled the same as the measure two years ago, and if the governor should happen to receive it there is no doubt that he would veto it. His hostility to compulsory education is pronounced.

Mr. Waller does not full consider the effects of the legislation he proposes. He certainly knows the result of compulsory laws in states that have tried the system. A steady progress of the schools of Pennsylvania should satisfy him, and he is foolish for attempting to establish a law that would in no small measure demoralize them. The cause of education is not to be promoted by compulsory attendance of children.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 23, 1892

LITITZ DISTRICT INSTITUTE – The eighth annual teacher’s district institute was held in the High School Building last Saturday. This district is composed of Lititz borough, Warwick, Manheim and Elizabeth townships.
The institute was called to order by the President, Mr. J.B. Haag. The opening hymn was “My soul be on thy guard.” Warren Buch presided at the organ.

Have the schools made any progress in recent years? This discussion was opened by H.R. Gibbel. He was followed by J.W.GH. Hershey, A.E. Gehman and H.R. Gibbel.

Miss Laura Buch gave a splendid recitation, entitled, “Skinner’s happy family.”

Prof. J.J. Cake of Pottsville gave an able talk on the “Model teacher.”

In the afternoon the teachers met at 2 o’clock. The opening hymn was “Come thou Almighty King.” John F. Ruth of Rothsville illustrated how he used supplementary matter and devices in his school. A.E. Gehman said it is a good thing to keep a scrap book, and let the pupils read out of that occasionally. [ More discussions and addresses followed.]

It was moved and seconded that a committee of three be appointed to make arrangements for the next institute. The president appointed H.R. Gibbel, A.E. Gehman and Miss Mary Tshudy. This committee is to open correspondence with the boards of directors after organization the first Monday in June to try to get a clause inserted in the agreements that every teacher who is employed by the different boards of this district is expected to attend and take part in the institute. It is expected a rousing meeting will be held next year, that shall shake Lititz from centre to circumference.

The following teachers were present:
Lititz, A.E. Gehman, Emeline Passmore, Mary Tshudy, Alice Stormfeltz, Anna Reinke, Carrie Tshudy, Elise Huber, Anna Sanderson.
Warwick township, H.R. Gibble, J.W.G. Hershey, C.W. Snyder, A.N. Stauter, J.B. Haag, J.J. Biemesderfer, J.F. Ruth, D.W. Dietrich, Lizzie R. Gibbel, May Breneman, Maud Huebner.

Elizabeth township, C.E.Lausch, D.W. Geist.

Visitors were D.T. Hill, Manheim; Millie S. Breneman, Sporting Hill.

The Directors were Dr. J.H. Shenk, H.H. Tshudy, Lititz; N.B. Leaman, J.R. Bricker, H.S. Miller, Warwick. One director from Elizabeth was present. No teachers and no directors were present from Manheim township.


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