The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 15, 1901

TEACHERS IN SESSION – The sixteenth annual session of the Teachers’ District Institute of Lititz borough, Warwick, Elizabeth and Manheim townships was held in the High School room in this borough last Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. The attendance was good.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 8, 1901

Visited the Warwick Schools – County Superintendent M.J. Brecht visited the Warwick township public schools this week, devoting several days to a thorough inspection of the work done by teachers and pupils. In Teacher N.E. Reist’s school he delivered an address and said that Mr. Reist’s school came nearer to his views of an ideal school than any other in the county, which statement speaks for itself in behalf of that excellent Warwick pedagogue.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 22, 1901

Brunnerville Brieflets – The Brunnerville Secondary school, E.H. Risser, teacher, will close on Friday, March 29th. They will have special exercises. All patrons and friends are cordially invited.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 6, 1901

Brunnerville Brieflets – In the presence of about forty patrons and friends, the Secondary school closed on Friday with special exercises. Although the program was of a spirited character, the last moments were not near
so pleasant as were the first days of this school term, and the scholars could not refrain from showing their gratitude and appreciation to their teacher, Mr. E.H. Risser, for his kindness and patience which he had shown while among them. We hope Mr. Risser will be found at the same post next fall.

On Wednesday noon after the usual routine of recitation the Primary school closed its term, Miss Esta L. Rohrer, teacher. There were six pupils who attended every day, and two missed but one half day. We can speak in the highest praise of Miss Rohrer as a young lady and mistress, and all the patrons and friends are anxious to have her return next fall.

Lexington Locals – The Lexington Union school closed on Friday of last week and Mr. D.R. Bomberger, the teacher, left for Millersville on Monday morning to attend the State Normal school there.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 12, 1901

LOCAL VARIETIES – Miss Lovinia Gable opened a subscription school in the Warwick primary building on Tuesday with twenty-one pupils.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 19, 1901

Entertainment at Lexington – On Saturday evening, April 13, the pupils of Mr. Dillman Bomberger’s Union school gave an entertainment in the Lexington Union Sunday-school building. The program was a varied one, consisting of singing, choruses and quartettes, recitations, dramas, and selections by an orchestra. This pleasing program was attentively listened to by a large assembly. In spite of the participants in the drama being amateurs, it was very well rendered. The several recitations were spoken very distinctly, and the quietness of the audience showed their appreciation. The entertainment was held for the benefit of the school library fund, and if we may judge by the crowded house, they realized a neat sum.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 3, 1901

Lexington Locals – The entertainment held in the Lexington Sunday-school building on Saturday evening, April 13, by the Union school, D.R. Bomberger, teachers, will be repeated on Saturday evening, May 11, in the Mt. Airy Band Hall. The program consists of a drama, a farce, recitations, dialogues, music, tableaux, etc. The proceeds will be for the benefit of the school libaray. Admission 10 cts.; reserved seats 15 cts.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 3, 1901

Teachers’ Examinations – Applicants for schools in this section of Lancaster county will be examined at the time and place stated in the following list of townships and districts. The examinations will begin at 9 A.M.

For applicants of all provisional grades, // June 12, Warwick and Elizabeth, Lititz.

The examination will be oral and written. Teachers who have branches of study marked “passed” upon their certificates, will be examined in all the branches where no evidence of improvement is shown.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 17, 1901

Lexington Locals – On account of the rain on Saturday evening the Lexington school, D.R. Bomberger, teachers, did not have their entertainment in the Mt. Airy band hall, but they will have it the coming Saturday evening the weather is favorable.
The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 7, 1901

NEWS ABOUT HOME – On Wednesday, June 12, County Supt. M.J. Brecht will be here to examine teachers for Warwick, Elizabeth and Lititz. The examination will begin at 9 A.M. in the High School building.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 14, 1901

Warwick Teachers –The school directors of Warwick township met at the Warwick House on Wednesday and organized as follows: President, H.C. Binkley; secretary, H.R. Erb;, treasurer, S.E. Lane. The other members of the board are Abner B. Risser, H.H. Bomberger and N.K. Buch.

The following teachers were elected:

  1. Warwick No. 1 Edgar H. Enck
  2. Warwick No. 2 Lovinia Gable
  3. Brunnerville No. 1 Elam H. Risser
  4. Brunnerville No. 2 Esta Rohrer
  5. Lexington Emanuel Heilman
  6. Union Dillman Bomberger
  7. Lookout A.K. Reist
  8. Huber’s Anna Baker
  9. Rome John Miller
  10. Millway Silas E. Bard
  11. Upper Rothsville Lizzie Royer
  12. Lower Rothsville J.N. Mohn
  13. Rothsville Graded G. R. Pfautz
  14. Fairview Elam Broom
  15. Pleasant View E.R. Wenger
  16. Kissel Hill N.E. Reist
  17. Buch’s G.G. Minnich
  18. Owl Hill Eby Flory
  19. Sunnyside Anna H. Hess
  20. Millport Walter S. Stauffer


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, August 16, 1901

Money for the Schools – Lancaster county’s share of the money appropriated for schools in $132,395.56, of which sum Lititz Borough receives $1,492.68. Other places receive the sum indicated:

  • Ephrata township $2,130.70 Akron $569.26
  • Clay $1,492.11 East Cocalico $2,573.72
  • West Cocalico $1,939.95 West Earl $2,114.00
  • Elizabeth $860.51 Lincoln (Independent) $93.68
  • New Holland $685.98 Penn $1,972.04
  • Rapho $3,186.71 Warwick $3,239.62
  • Manheim $1,683.81 Mt. Joy $1,717.11
  • Marietta $2,072.91 Christiana $740.79
  • Strasburg $795.98 Ephrata borough $2,076.56


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 6, 1901

Brunnerville Brieflets – The Warwick township schools will open Monday, September 9, and then young America will turn their steps toward the “old” school house. Both teachers who taught last year’s school will again resume their duties in our village school-house.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 13, 1901

Lexington Locals – Our school opened on Monday with a good enrollment. The Union is taught by D.R. Bomberger and the Lexington is taught by Emanual Heilman.

THE SCHOOLS – The public schools are in full operation again; in fact, in many districts they were opened some time ago, and the ringing of the school bell has become a familiar sound again. Many people fail to realize what an important interest to the community the schools represent. They are indifferent to the claims of education, and certainly give themselves no concern about the condition of the schools. Whether their children are regular in their attendance or not, or whether they prepare their lessons or not, it never occurs to them to inquire about. How deplorable that it in a country, where, because of the demands of a popular form of government on the intelligence of the citizen, the importance of education is so greatly enhanced above the ordinary, there should be found such short-sighted people! Reader, do you take a proper amount of interest in the public schools and in the education of your children? Think the matter over fairly with yourself, and then act according to the conclusion you arrive at.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 8, 1901

Teachers’ Institute – The fifteenth (sic) annual session of the Lancaster County Teachers’ Institute will be held in Lancaster during the week beginning November 11th. The sessions will be held in the new auditorium of the Y.M.C.A. building.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 15, 1901

Lancaster Co. Teachers’ Institute – The fiftieth annual session of the County Teachers’ Institute opened at Lancaster on Monday, with an enrollment of nearly seven hundred teachers.

There is always great rivalry among the teachers as to who shall be the first to enroll. Charles W. Shank, of Lancaster township, carried off the honors this year. Miss Katie W. Swartz, of Adamstown, was the first of the ladies. Mr. Shank, it is said, was at the hall long before daylight.
Mr. H.R. Pattengill, ex-State Superintendent of Public Instruction of Michigan, in opening his address at the County Institute on Wednesday took occasion to refer to the wearing of hats by the ladies in church and opera house, which practice he strongly denounced. His suggestion that the ladies of the institute remove their headgear was received with enthusiastic applause from the male portion of the audience. Many of the women teachers present followed the speaker’s suggestion.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 22, 1901

Teachers Want Improvements – The Lancaster County Teachers’ Institute before adjourning last week adopted resolutions recommending directors to furnish material for kinder-garten schools; the furnishing of juvenile papers; the purchase of an organ for every school and the employment of instructors in music; the establishment of lyceums in every township; establishing of township high school; a library for each school district, and that calisthenic (sic) drills be given a prominent place in school work.


The Lititz Express, Friday, November 29, 1901

Local Institute – The public school teachers of Lititz borough and Warwick, Manhiem and Elizabeth townships have organized as follows for the local institute to be held in the Lititz High School building on the third Saturday in January, 1902:

  • President, H.B. Heller of Manheim township;
  • Vice President, Elber Eby, of Lititz;
  • Recording Secretary, Miss Anna Baker of Lititz;
  • Corresponding Secretary, J.B. Haag, of Lititz;
  • Treasurer, E.H. Enck, of Warwick;
  • Executive Committee, Miss Lavinia Gable, of Warwick;
  • Miss Naomi Bausman, of Manheim;
  • Miss Laura Buch, of Lititz.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 20, 1901

Lexington Locals – The Union School, D.R. Bomberger, teachers, will have special exercises, which will consist of recitations, dialogues, music, etc., on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 24.

Rothsville Notes – All are invited to come to the spelling bee in the Central school house on Saturday evening, December 28.


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