The Lititz Record Express, Thursday, September 21, 1952

Public Sale Saturday, Sept. 23, 1950 – The board of School Directors of the School District of Warwick Township will sell at public auction, pursuant to the provisions of the Public School Code of 1949, approved March 10, 1949, P.L. 30, as amended, a certain lot of land with the school house and other buildings thereon erected known as the Kissel Hill School House which are unused and unnecessary for the purposes of the School District of Warwick Township, and bounded and described as follows:

BEGINNING at a stone in the corssing of roads, thence in and along the public raod leading to Mill Port, North fifty six and one fourth degrees East two perches and fifty five hundredth to a stake; thence by lands late of Amborse Mahlschnee, North thirty five degrees West, five perches and twenty five hundredth to a stake; and by the same, North seventy two degrees West, ten perches and five tenth to a stake; thence by the same, South fifty six degrees and one fourth West, six perches and sixt tenth to a stake in the road leading to Lititz and Lancaster Turnpike, then in and along the same, South seventy two degrees East, seventeen perches and twenty four hundredth to a stone in the cross roads, the place of the beginning. CONTAINING EIGHTY PERCHES OF LAND

All articles permanently annexed to the school house, including blackboards, school desks and the stove, will be included in the sale.

The sale will be held on the premises at 2:00 o‟clock P.M. Daylight Saving Time, when the terms and conditions will be made known by

Board of School Directors of The School District of Warwick Township J.G. CONRAD, Auctioneer. MENNO B. ROHRER, Solicitor.


The Lititz Record Express, July 31, 1952

PUBLIC SALE OF Valuable Real Estate, Sat., Aug. 16, 1952 – The undersigned will offer at public sale on premises formerly of Levi S. Andes on N.W. side of road from Lititz to Clay in Brunnerville, Lancaster Co., Pa., lot of land on which is erected A LARGE 1 ½ STORY FRAME BUILDING formerly a school house, containing 2 large rooms and 3 small rooms; cellar under whole building with 2 furnaces; building as excellent location, is in good condition and can be easily adapted for dwelling or other purposes.

Terms and conditions will be made known at time of sale by

Levi A Andes, Executor of the will of

Levi S. Andes, Dec’d.




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