Cozy Mysteries

Charming and witty, these cozy mysteries are available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

The House of Unexpected Sisters by Alexander McCall Smith
A detective in Botswana investigates after she learns a woman has been wrongly dismissed from her job at an office furniture store.

Probable Claws : A Mrs. Murphy MysteryProbable Claws by Rita Mae Brown
A Virginia postmistress is outraged when a dear friend and local architect is shot to death by a masked motorcyclist and she follows the clues to a construction site where the discovery of mysterious bones has halted work.

Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris
A new mother, awakened by her daughter’s crying on a stormy night, finds a mystery woman murdered in her backyard.

Toucan Keep a Secret by Donna Andrews
When a bad-tempered parishioner is found lying dead on the floor of a crypt strewn with over-turned urns and spilled ashes, evidence points to a thief who broke into the church to steal the minister’s bird.

Queen Anne’s Lace by Susan Wittig Albert
A box of antique, handcrafted lace and old photographs leads an herb shop owner to the century-old mystery of a young, widowed lace-maker whose life was upturned by a suspicious death.

Glitter BombGlitter Bomb by Laura Childs
A scrapbook shop owner and her friend investigate a Mardi Gras float crash and explosion that kills a member of the carnival krewe.

Silver Anniversary Murder by Leslie Meier
When a reporter reaches out to a long-lost friend, she discovers the woman is dead and no one really believes her fall of a New York penthouse terrace was voluntary.

Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay
After a stack of library materials is found at the scene of a hit and run, a library director finds herself dragged into the investigation as the police try to link the driver of the stolen car to the person who borrowed the books.

Walking on My Grave by Carolyn Hart
Entrusted with her rich brother’s estate, a woman hosts a dinner party for the prospective beneficiaries, but things don’t go well and soon one guest is found floating in the harbor.

Ruff JusticeRuff Justice by Laurien Berenson
As excitement builds for the spring dog show, a talented canine portrait artist is discovered strangled behind a concession booth.

Poisoned Pages by Lorna Barrett
When a mystery bookstore owner, not known for her culinary expertise, throws a housewarming party in her new apartment and one of the guests is poisoned, the amateur sleuth wonders if her cooking is to blame or if there is something more sinister at play.

The Affliction by Beth Gutcheon
Chairing a team to evaluate a faltering school for girls, the retired head of a famous private academy is asked to stay and help the inexperienced new principal when a teacher’s body is found in the campus swimming pool.

Antique Blues by Jane K. Cleland
An amateur sleuth and antiques expert, called to appraise a Japanese woodblock print and vintage guitar, pinpoints a suspect when her friend is murdered.

Poppy Harmon InvestigatesPoppy Harmon Investigates by Lee Hollis
A retiree facing financial ruin opens a detective agency with her two best friends and soon snags a client desperate to retrieve priceless jewelry burglarized from an aging actress.

The Spook in the Stacks by Eva Gates
Librarians become amateur detectives when a wealthy businessman who plans to donate his extensive collection of North Carolina historical documents is found dead in the rare books section.

Crime and Punctuation by Kaitlyn Dunnett
A manuscript editor is surprised when a novice writer’s murder mystery turns out to be a real page-turner and refuses to believe it was accidental when the author turns up dead just like the victim in her story.

Date with Malice by Julia Chapman
A Yorkshire private detective dismisses a confused pensioner’s claim that someone in her retirement home is a killer, but after several disturbing incidents, he begins to wonder if there really is something threatening the lives of the town’s senior citizens.

February 22, 2019