Documentary Films Sampler

Documentary films can be thought-provoking and eye-opening factual works of art. Find this selection and many more at the Lititz Public Library.

Celts : The Complete Epic Saga [2 Discs]The Celts
Wild and ferocious, the Celts were romantic mystics, sharing a family of languages that are now the oldest living tongues in Europe.

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History
Three members of the most prominent and influential family in American politics are profiled, from Theodore’s birth in 1858 through Eleanor’s death in 1962.

The Manners of Downton Abbey
Find out how aristocrats dined and dressed, how they married and made money, how they interacted with the servants and why they behaved as they did.

Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit
At the Special Delivery Unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia doctors take on the challenges of operations done on babies still inside their mother’s womb.

He Named Me MalalaHe Named Me Malala
Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, was wounded at age fifteen by Taliban gunmen and now campaigns for the rights of children worldwide.

Brothers in War
Bonds built forty-seven years ago live on in the men of Charlie Company, one of the last combat infantry companies to be shipped off to the Vietnam War.

Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies
A history of cancer from ancient times to the present day includes stories of contemporary patients and examines the latest scientific research.

Resurrecting Richard III
In 2011, a group of amateur historians discovered the bones of legendary King Richard III, hunchbacked with an arrow through the spine.

Secrets of London UndergroundSecrets of Underground London
Underneath the modern capital lies a hidden history of ancient caves, Roman remains, mysterious rivers, gruesome plague pits, impenetrable vaults and top-secret bunkers.

The story of a generation of Grand Prix drivers highlights racers who gambled with their lives during Formula 1’s deadliest period.

Every Three Seconds
Five individuals have dedicated themselves to alleviating poverty and hunger in different ways.

Twenty Feet from Stardom
A profile of the voices behind the greatest rock, pop and R&B hits of all time shines the spotlight on the untold stories of legendary backup singers.

Inequality for AllInequality for All
Economics professor Robert Reich examines the problem of income inequality in the U.S.

King George and Queen Mary: The Royals Who Rescued the Monarchy
In the face of social changes after World War I, the monarch created the House of Windsor, embracing democratic reform and reinventing many of the royal traditions known today.

Death on the Railroad
In 1832, fifty-seven young men from Ireland, who left behind their impoverished homeland in hope of a better life, found work on the railroad at Duffy’s Cut in Pennsylvania and were dead in eight weeks.

Battle for the Elephants
National Geographic goes undercover to expose the criminal network behind the ivory market and examines the elephants’ highly evolved society.

Superheroes : A Never-Ending BattleSuperheroes : a never-ending battle
Over the last seventy years, comic books have made a worldwide cultural impact, created in large part by immigrants whose fierce loyalty to a new homeland laid the foundation for a multi-billion-dollar industry.

February 26, 2016