Hooray for Today!

We are excited to announce the Lititz Public Library’s winter StoryWalk® Hooray for Today! by Brian Won.

Owl wakes up and is ready to play, but all her friends are sleeping. Owl is lonely until sunrise when she discovers a friendly surprise. Hooray for Today! celebrates playtime, sharing, and friendship.

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A StoryWalk® combines two healthy activities, taking a walk and reading a book. It is a self-directed activity for people of all ages which encourages participants to read a children’s picture book in stages while walking along a short path. Participants are encouraged to complete a simple activity at each page. StoryWalks® promote literacy, physical activity, parental involvement, and ties to the community.

The StoryWalk® begins to the right of the entrance to the Lititz Public Library and moves counterclockwise along the sidewalk around the library property.