Medical Novels

Medical science is a rich source of stories and intrigue, providing novelists with storylines that lead protagonists from challenges with rare and little-understood diseases to malevolent humanity-threatening bacteria. These novels with medical themes are available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

CellCell by Robin Cook
A doctor’s fiancée is found dead the morning after she participates in the beta test of smartphone designed as a customizable physician capable of diagnosing and treating patients.

Oxygen by Carol Wiley Cassella
A tangled malpractice suit in the wake of an operating room disaster shatters the career of an anesthesiologist, causing her to question the choices she’s made in life.

Lip Reading by Harry Kraus
A medical scientist on the verge of a breakthrough discovers the unsavory truth behind the miraculous progress of her research.

Gray Matter by Gary Braver
An anxious mother turns to a controversial neurologist’s exclusive treatment center with the hope of enhancing her son’s intellect.

With a Vengeance by Eileen Dreyer
A police officer working as a nurse in an understaffed hospital uncovers evidence that a unusual number of criminals have met untimely deaths while patients.

Deadly Exposure by Leonard Goldberg
A forensic pathologist joins a team of scientists to investigate deadly new bacteria on a quarantined Navy ship.

Blood Lies by Daniel Kalla
When murder scene DNA implicates an emergency-room doctor, he begins to suspect his crystal-meth-addicted identical twin may not have really died two years earlier.

The Six-Liter Club : A NovelThe Six-Liter Club by Harry Kraus
Set in 1984, a Virginia hospital’s first black trauma surgeon confronts the medical establishment in deciding a course of treatment for a colleague.

The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer
A doctor and a psychiatric nurse realize a series of operating room fatalities are actually murder.

InfectedInfected by Scott Sigler
As people across America are transformed into murderous monsters by a bioengineered parasite, scientists and victims discover the parasites want something more.

The Deadliest Strain by Jan Coffey
The government is willing to do anything to find the source of a super-microbe that causes unexplained deaths and rapid decomposition.

Flawless by Joshua Spanogle
Leaving his job at the Centers for Disease Control to build a new life, a doctor is confronted with a vicious murder linked to a high-tech cosmetic laboratory.

Still Life by Joy Fielding
After plunging into a coma following an auto accident, a successful business woman realizes that although she is unable to see or communicate she can hear everything.

Placebo : A Jevin Banks NovelPlacebo by Steven James
A filmmaker is drawn into a conspiracy involving controversial neurological research and one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms.

The Deep Zone by James M. Tabor
A brilliant scientist and a mysterious special ops soldier lead a team deep into the Earth in search of a cure for a deadly epidemic.

Right of ThirstRight of Thirst by Frank Huyler
Shattered by his wife’s death a cardiologist volunteers to assist with earthquake relief in an impoverished, war-torn country.

The Echo Maker by Richard Power
When her brother’s near-fatal auto accident leads to a bizarre brain disorder that prevents him from recognizing her, a woman contacts a famous cognitive neurologist for help.

Originally published on July 11, 2014 in the Lititz Record Express.