National Gardening Day – April 14th

In honor of National Gardening Day (April is National Gardening Month!), we are offering a couple of online resources as well as a collection of books to add to your “to be read” pile.

Online Resources:


25 Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know 

Gardening Know-How




Vegetable Gardening:

Groundbreaking food gardens: 73 plans that will change the way you grow your garden / Niki Jabbour
635 JAB

Grow cook eat: a food lover’s guide to vegetable gardening, including 50 recipes, plus harvesting and storage tips / Willi Galloway
635 GAL

High-yield vegetable gardening: grow more of what you want in the space you have / Colin McCrate
635 MCC

All new square foot gardening: the revolutionary way to grow more in less space / Mel Bartholomew
635 BAR

The $64 tomato / William Alexander (humorous anecdotes)
635.097473 ALE


How to grow anything: food gardening for everyone Great courses. Better living. Home & garden

Grow your own vegetables: healthy you, healthy planet, healthy pocketbook: seven easy steps to your own backyard produce dept

Flower Gardening:

The right-size flower garden / Kerry Ann Mendez
635.9 MEN

In bloom: growing, harvesting, and arranging homegrown flowers all year round / Clare Nolan
635.9 NOL

The flower gardener’s bible: time-tested techniques, creative designs, and perfect plants for color /Hill, Lewis
635.9 HIL


Year ‘Round Gardening with Jerry Baker. Flower care
DVD 635.9 YEA

Juvenile Resources:

Garden to table: a kid’s guide to planting, growing, and preparing food / Katherine Hengel
J 641.5 HEN

What’s in the garden? / by Marianne Berkes
J 635 BER

The vegetable alphabet book / Jerry Pallotta
J 635 PAL

Get growing!: exciting indoor plant projects for kids / Lois Walker
J 635 WAL