National Tell A Story Day!

Stories are a natural way to make sense of the world in which we live. Some are strictly factual, while others can stray into the fanciful – stretching our limits of belief almost to the breaking point. What’s your story? How do you present yourself to the world, and what stories do you tell yourself? These offerings, and more, detail the art of storytelling and include a few examples of storytelling done well.

The Elements of Story : Field Notes on Nonfiction Writing

The Elements of Story by Francis Flaherty 
A brilliant blend of memoir and how-to, The Elements of Story offers more than 50 principles that emphasize storytelling aspects rather than simply the mechanics of writing—a relentlessly entertaining, totally accessible writing guide for the novice and the professional alike.

The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo 
In The Storyteller’s Secret, Gallo offers lessons from a range of visionary leaders, each of whom cites storytelling as a crucial ingredient in success. A good story can spark action and passion; it can revolutionize the way people think and spur them to chase their dreams. Isn’t it time you shared yours?

Detective in the Dooryard by Tim Cotton
Tim Cotton, a police officer for 30+ years, has dealt with countless varied interactions with the folks and events in his little corner of the world – Bangor, Maine. He reluctantly began his writing career on the social media page for his police department and grew as his readership expanded. Cotton’s wry writing style will have the reader entertained by his ability to find humorous and touching aspects of his life experiences and guarantees the reader many a chuckle, fits of nostalgia and even a tear or two.

No Boring Stories!No Boring Stories! by Julie Falatko 
There are quite enough books about all the sweet, cuddly animals and the misfit unpopular animals are demanding to have their story told. Author Falatko has given them the means to voice their fantastic stories, but their efforts are thwarted by an over-eager bunny’ interference.

The Raconteur’s Commonplace Book by Kate Milford 
Twelve bored, eclectic guests trapped in a tavern by days of rain and a rising river pass the time by telling stories. As conditions outside worsen, they hope their revealing stories will be enough to save them and the city.


Bedtime StoriesBedtime Stories
Story centers on a hotel handyman (Adam Sandler) whose life is turned upside down when the stories he tells his niece and nephew start to come true.

Big Fish
William Bloom is a young man who never really knew his now dying father, Edward – outside of the tall tales his dad told him about growing up. During Edward’s last days William and his wife Josephine hold a bedside vigil next to the old man as he recollects elaborate memories of his youth. Still doubting the legends and folklore, William makes a journey to meet a mysterious woman from whom Edward had bought the property.



Our Festival | International Storytelling Center (ISC)
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