New Mysteries and Thrillers

These mysteries and thrillers are recent additions to the Lititz Public Library.

The Darling Dahlias and the Texas StarThe Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star by Susan Wittig Albert
Set in 1930s Alabama, members of the ladies garden club search for the culprit when an aviatrix, the fastest woman in the world, is threatened and her plane sabotaged.

The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
An agent with a mission to track, find and kill terrorists hunts down a fanatic known as the Preacher who is targeting a retired Marine General for assassination.

Storm Front by John Sandford
A Minnesota police officer teams up with an Israeli cop tailing a smuggler who stole an ancient copper scroll.

Help for the Haunted by John Searles
Struggling with the unexplained loss of her parents, a young woman pursues the mystery of her parent’s disappearance as she comes to terms with her family’s past.

No Way OutNo Way Out by Alan Jacobson
When a powerful firebomb destroys part of a London art gallery, an FBI profiler is sent to work with Scotland Yard to identify a group of political radicals bent on destroying a priceless manuscript.

Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn Hart
An emissary from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions is tricked into materializing on the outskirts of her old hometown to rescue a videogame millionaire.

Drift by Jon McGoran
After the sudden deaths of his parents, a narcotics detective visits an inherited house in rural Pennsylvania where he falls in love with an organic farmer who is being pressured by a mysterious development company and violent drug dealers.

UnthinkableUnthinkable by Clyde Phillips
A homicide lieutenant enlists the help of a dangerous ex-con to find the perpetrator of a mass shooting with connections to a decades old murder case.

Black SkiesBlack Skies by Arnaldur Indridason
A Reykjavik police detective, unhappy with his life on the police force, agrees to help a friend who is being blackmailed.

Mortal Arts by Anna Lee Huber
Set in 1830, a young woman traveling to Edinburgh with her family is caught up in a friend’s personal crisis when a former tutor is implicated in a local girl’s disappearance.

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? By Paula Daly
An overwhelmed working mother’s world becomes a nightmare when a friend’s thirteen-year-old daughter goes missing, the second teenage girl to disappear within two weeks.

Then We Take Berlin by John Lawton
In 1963, a freelance private investigator, a former MI6 and black market con artist, agrees to one last scam that brings his World War II gang of accomplices together.

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip by Scott McEwen
A SEAL sniper launches a mission to free a captured female helicopter pilot being held by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

A Dangerous FictionDangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan
The cyber-stalking of a literary agent escalates into murder when old sins are revealed.

Hearts of Sand by Jane Haddam
A retired FBI profiler is enlisted to solve a thirty-year-old bank robbing spree that ended in murder.

Dark WatersDark Waters by Toni Anderson
After her father’s death, a schoolteacher attempts to stay one step ahead of a sadistic killer while tracking down the one man she’s been told to trust, her father’s old cell mate.

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Set in 1829 Iceland, a young woman convicted of the brutal murder of her former master is sent to live with a farmer and his family on an isolated farm while awaiting execution.

Originally published on November 8, 2013 in the Lititz Record Express.