Personal Finance

Find advice for saving, investing, and utilizing money to pursue financial goals in books available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You're Not) : A Parents' Guide for Kids 3 To 23Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) by Beth Kobliner
Recognizing basic financial behaviors are formed by the age of seven, the author offers a step-by-step guide to help parents teach their kids about money and instill values for a successful financial future.

Credit Repair: Make a Plan, Improve Your Credit Score, Avoid Scams by Amy Loftsgordon
Take control and avoid a bad credit report that may affect the ability to get a mortgage, car loan, credit card, apartment or even a job.

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins
Gain from fluctuations in the stock market, get more out of a 401k and avoid paying hidden fees with this guide to achieving financial goals.

Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter by Dan Ariely
Emotions play a powerful role in financial behavior, sabotaging efforts to save and spend responsibly.

You Need a Budget : The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-To-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You WantYou Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting out of Debt and Living the Life You Want by Jesse Mecham
A well-planned budget can help prioritize financial goals, reduce stress through strategic cash flow allocations and meet the challenges of unplanned expenses.

Investing All-In-One by Robert S. Griswold
Finance experts provide time-tested guidance for turning hard-earned dollars into a successful and diversified portfolio, covering stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and the latest in online investing.

You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero
The author, who transformed her finances in just a few years, shares personal essays with life-changing, bite-size concepts anyone can employ to improve earning potential.

Love Your Life, Not Theirs: Seven Money Habits for Living the Life You Want by Rachel Cruze
Stop comparisons with other people and learn how to buy and do things that are personally important by developing new habits, avoiding debt, watching spending, giving and saving for the future.

What Your Financial Advisor Isn’t Telling Your: The Ten Essential Truths You Need to Know About Your Money by Liz Davidson
Readable book translates financial jargon and provides answers to questions about finding a legitimate financial advisor, the fees and the safety of the investment choices.

5@55 : The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 555 @ 55: The Five Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age Fifty-Five by Judith D. Grimaldi
Failing to prepare essential legal documents to deal with common health and end-of-life issues can create costly surprises.

The Feel Rich Project: Reinventing Your Understanding of True Wealth to Find True Happiness by Michael F. Kay
Analyze personal feelings about money and learn how to use that information to redirect your life where you want it to go.

The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money by Carl Richards
Remove complexity from investing and identify personal goals using a series of simple, focused steps to set up a workable, meaningful financial plan.

Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family by Kimberly Palmer
Navigate the financially challenging career and parenting years with the help of stories, checklists, action steps, planning tools and more.

How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide by Jane Bryant Quinn
Learn how to squeeze higher payments from assets like your Social Security account, pension, home equity, savings and retirement accounts.

Pogue’s Basics. Money: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System by David Pogue
Two hundred simple tips and tricks shed light on the best ways to make money and make personal finance management easier.

April 13, 2018