Finished with Bond and Bourne? Try these intelligent, well-crafter spy thrillers. They’re available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

All the Old KnivesAll the Old Knives by Olen Steinhauer
After a rescue attempt staged from the inside of a hijacked plane goes wrong, the CIA questions if their agents inside the plane had been compromised.

Twelve Days by Alex Berenson
A former CIA agent has only twelve days to stop the US from being tricked into invading Iran.

Too Bad to Die by Francine Mathews
British Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming attempts to foil a Nazi plot to assassinate FDR, Churchill and Stalin.

The English SpyThe English Spy by Daniel Silva
When a bomb explodes aboard a holiday yacht carrying an iconic member of the Royal Family, British intelligence turns to a legendary spy and assassin to track down her killer.

The Blooding by James McGee
In 1812, a British solider-turned-spy, who is stranded behind enemy lines, heads for safety carrying information about an American plot to invade Canada.

Coercion by Tim Tigner
After the collapse of the Iron Curtain, a former US soldier and spy discovers a KGB general’s plans to restore Russia’s status by forcing Americans into acts of sabotage.

Leaving BerlinLeaving Berlin by Joseph Kanon
Targeted by McCarthyism for his prewar politics, a young Jewish writer who fled the Nazis to America makes a desperate bargain with a fledgling CIA to work as a spy in decimated Berlin

The Watchman by Adrian Magson
Believing a rescue mission is really a suicide trap, a veteran MI6 operator covertly hires a deep cover specialist to protect the hostages.

Gun Metal Heart by Dana Haynes
Hiding out and slowly recovering from injuries sustained in her last case, a freelance operative discovers she’s being tracked down by a Serbian mercenary group.

Assassin's GameAssassin’s Game by Ward Larsen
A retired Israeli assassin is brought back into duty when a scientist has taken Iran to the threshold of it dream of a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile.

Close Call by Stella Rimington
While investigating an arms deal in Yemen, a counter-espionage team discovers that the weapons being sold during the Arab Spring have their origins in the U.K.

A Map of Betrayal by Ha Jin
Discovering her father’s diary after the death of her parents, a woman decides to find out about his conviction as a mole in the CIA decades ago.

A Colder WarA Colder War by Charles Cumming
MI6 bypasses the usual protocol and brings in a disgraced agent when three recent recruits are assassinated.

The Director by David Ignatius
After being told that his agency has been hacked, the director of the CIA launches a hunt into the hacker underground of Europe and America.

Dead Eye by Mark Greaney
An ex-CIA master assassin takes revenge upon a former employer who betrayed him.

Outlaw by Mark Sullivan
While conducting top-secret negotiations aboard a tanker in the South China Sea, the US Secretary of State and the foreign ministers of China and India are kidnapped

The Woman Who Lost Her SoulThe Woman Who Lost Her Soul by Bob Shacochis
A humanitarian lawyer travels to Haiti to investigate the murder of a seductive photojournalist and is confronted with a dangerous landscape of poverty, corruption and voodoo.

Slingshot by Matthew Dunn
The CIA’s most prized asset is ordered to recover a mysterious document stolen by a Russian traitor working for a former high-ranking East German Stasi officer.

November 27, 2015