The Christian Schropp House – Nailsmith (1793) George D. Thomas – Shoemaker (1826)


Christian Schropp, 1756-1826, of 145 East Main Street, was the son of the Warden of the Bethlehem Congregation, Matthew Schropp. In addition to following his trade as a nailsmith he was a schoolmaster for many years. He was also a fine musician and was Church organist for forty years. (He is buried in Grave #383 in God’s Acre behind the church.) There was one son.

1826 – George D. Thomas – Shoemaker

George D. Thomas, 1802-1869, came to Lititz as an apprentice to the shoemaker, Jacob Greider. His wife was Catharine Sheed, a Linden Hall Teacher, and the adopted daughter of Samuel Grosh. George Thomas was Chief Sacristan (sic) of the Congregation for 43 years.

The next two persons to live in this home were George L. Hepp and Rev. James P. Gross.


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