The John Henry Rauch House (1775, 27 Main Street)

Replaced in 1900 by Rudy’s Hall (Spacht’s Furniture in 1966), this stone house was quite note- worthy in the early days.  Rauch was an expert mechanic and was the inventor of the starter point for auger bits.  Before this when a man attempted to bore a hole his bit would jump all over the place. By adding the small threaded tip to a bit it was possible to bore accurately. This was a boon to carpenters the world over and is used to this day, but all that Rauch got out of it was the bit he made before they came into general use. John Henry Rauch (1729-1796) was married to Catharine Gutjahr (Goodyear).  His son John William Rauch was the famous baker at 69 Main Street.

The last occupant of the Rauch house was William C. Enck. His cure-all cough drops were quite famous and his candy store is remembered in 1966 by many senior citizens.

Rudy’s Hall was built as the town hall by Miles Rudy in 1900 at a cost of $20,000. The third floor was reserved for lodges. The second floor was for entertainment and it is said that here Holtzhause showed his first movies (admission five cents). Snavely’s market, Keller’s Bakery and Oehme’s barbershop were there, and in the basement a restaurant and a shoe repair shop.


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