The Lichtenthaeler House (1797, 34 Main Street)



Adolph Lichtenthaeler was born in Germany in 1769 and died in Lititz in 1834. A carpenter, he married Elizabeth Knauss of Bethlehem and they had fourteen children.

His was one of the first two-story brick houses in Lititz and it was none too large for the size of his family. Traces of the large doorway in the front of this building can still be seen and it is believed that he was a wagon-maker. One of his sons, Samuel, became a cabinet maker but later became the genial landlord of the Zum Anker Inn next door. (General Sutter)

Jacob B. Tshudy (1805-1866) became the owner of this house about 1820. He was the son of Matthias Tshudy and Catharine Blickensderfer who lived in the stone house that is now Dos- ter’s Store. He was the only manufacturer of chip hats and bonnets in America and did a thriv- ing business for many years.

Jacob Tshudy built the store to the west of his house in 1828 and was quite successful in busi- ness. He was highly esteemed throughout the county, was a good musician and held many trustworthy offices.

Miles Rudy and wife Lillian bought this house in the late 1800’s. Dormers were added and the large doors replaced. But aside from minor changes this well-built house remains very much as it was in 1797.


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