The Masslich House (1793, 100 Main Street)



Gottlieb Masslich (1752-1811) from Upper Lusatia built the log house in 1793 that stood for years at 100 Main Street. He was married to Anna Goodyear, the daughter of John Goodyear ancestor of the inventor of vulcanizing rubber. Contrary to custom he boarded his house verti- cally and used pent eaves to keep out the rain. They had three sons.

Henry Godfrey Rauch (1781-1822) became the next owner. He was the son of John Henry Rauch (auger maker) and Catharine Goodyear. He was married to Rosina Kornman and there were three children.

Dr. John Frederick Rudolphi (1763-1825) a surgeon and a missionary became the next owner. He arrived here in 1816 and practiced medicine in this house. He had seven children to his first wife Sophia Magdelena Otto, none to his second wife Anna Schaaf, and three to his third wife Elizabeth Frey.

Jonas Meyer the community coppersmith became the next owner. According to the memoirs in Dr. Horne’s possession, he was not in good standing with the church. Instead of choosing his wife by lot, he married a woman from York. Then too Jonas was tipsy most of the time, but this was due to his occupation it was explained. In servicing the local stills it was necessary to make many tests.

James H. Miksch (1818-1884) of Nazareth established a tinsmith shop in the old house in 1840 and added dormers to the roof. His first wife was Cecilia Brunner and in 1845 he married Matilda Kreider and they had seven children. He served as a school director and was a trustee and elder in the Church.


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