The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 14, 1880

PUBLIC SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS –Prof. Shaub is making his annual rounds for the purpose of holding public school teachers’ examinations, commencing at 9 A.M. on each day. The following are the dates and places in this section: Elizabeth township, May 28, Brickerville; Clay township, May 29, Durlach; Manheim township, June 1, Neffsville; West Earl township, June 21, Earlville (Btownstown); Manheim borough and Penn township, June 24, Manheim; Warwick township and Lititz district, June 25, Lititz.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 8, 1880

VARIETIES – The annual teachers’ examination for Lititz district and Warwick township will be held in the Lititz public school building on Friday, June 25th .


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, July 2, 1880

TEACHERS’ EXAMINATION AND SCHOOL APPOINTMENTS –Prof. Shaub, county Superintendent of public schools, held the annual teachers’ examination for Warwick township and Lititz district in the Lititz public school building on Friday last. There were only seven who entered the class, of which six were fortunate enough to get certificates. Mr. Shaub;s examination of the teachers was not very severe, yet some of them could not answer some of the most simple questions. Prof. Shaub does the right thing in his examination by occasionally leaving school books and referring to subjects of the day by which means he can soon find out whether a teacher reads newspapers. Judging by the answers of some of them we should think they have entirely neglected their education in the direction of newspaper reading. Before the close of the day’s session the directors of Warwick township made known the school appointments for the coming session, as follows:

  • Brunnerville – Miss Sallie Bruckart
  • Rome – Miss Lou. S. Yetter
  • Warwick – H.N. Biemesderfer
  • New Haven – Jerome Biemesderfer
  • Fairview – John L. Huber
  • Buch’s – Isaac Huber
  • Lexington – Miss Lizzie
  • Workman Lexington
  • Union – H.W. Diehm
  • Millport – A.M. Stauter
  • Pine Hill – H.P. Fry
  • Sunny Side – Miss Emma Habecker
  • Rothsville – J.A. Meily Lower
  • Rothsville – John F. Ruth


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 3, 1880

Recordings –The public schools of Warwick township will open on the 20th September. According to the last school report of Pennsylvania, the average cost for each pupil in the state is 80 cents per month.


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