The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 11, 1884

ROTHSVILLE RAMBLES –A number of boys were coasting at the Sunnyside hill near Millport, last week, and the sled went so fast and far that they went through a paling fence, skinning their hands and faces. The RECORD reporter witnessed the scene. (The school at that location is known as the Sunnyside school.)


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 22, 1884

Brunnerville Bits –Our village school has at present enrolled 76 pupils, and a monthly average attendance of 58, which we think is entirely too much for one teacher, to say nothing of the crowded conditions of the small school-house. We do hope that the school directors will take this matter into consideration and try to provide better facilities for the education of the young. Let them act in good time, so that when the next term opens in the fall there will be a change for the better. Mr. J.H. Enck, the teacher, is doing the best he can under present circumstances.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 21, 1884

Rothsville Rambles –The spelling bee at Millport school was well attended on Friday evening last. Had it not been for the bad weather it would have been overcrowded. The spelling was grand, especially by the school, they taking five first prizes; the sixth one was awarded to Mr. Shirk, of Oregon, who also carried one away at the other spelling bee some time ago.

Our school closed with a small number of pupils in attendance, the measels [as spelled] having half the number at home before the close yesterday.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 2, 1884

Rothsville Rambles –The subscription school is in progress in the Pleasant View school house, south of the Keystone hotel. Mr. Walter P. King is the teacher and has a goodly number of pupils.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 16, 1884

General Examination –The examination of applicants for schools in this part of Lancaster county will be held as specified below, the examinations to begin at 9 A.M.:

  • Rapho twp., May 20, Sporting Hill
  • Manheim twp., May 23, Neffsville Ephrata twp., May 27, Ephrata
  • West Cocalico Twp., May 28, Schoeneck
  • Clay twp., May 29, Durlach
  • Elizabeth Twp., May 30, Brickerville
  • West Earl Twp., June 2, Earlville
  • Warwick twp., and Lititz, June 13, Lititz
  • Earl twp., June 17, New Holland
  • Manheim bor. and Penn twp., June 23, Manheim
  • East Cocalico twp., and Adamstown bor., June 28, Reamstown.

Applicants should come prepared for written examination, and should be examined in the district in which they first apply. No special examination will be granted except upon the written request of at least three members of a Board wishing to employ an applicant who could not attend any of the general examinations. Special examinations are not private.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 13, 1884

In the building of country school houses I notice one decided improvement. It is the erecting of a steeple with a bell in it. In the country where the children attending school are scattered far and near, and where nearly every one sets his clock more by guess than by a correct time, the ringing of the bell at opening hours is a capitol idea. It brings about a more punctual time of arrival, besides putting a little life into the quiet vicinity. There are now three schools in Warwick township with bells.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 20, 1884

TEACHERS’ EXAMINATION –The County Superintendent Among the Pedagogues – The examination of applicants for schools in Warwick township and Lititz was held at the latter place on last Friday. The class was composed of seven ladies and four gentlemen. The following words were given as a test in spelling and defining: Poultice, solace, diversity, grievance, nuisance, oscillate, scintillate, petroleum, sacrilege, secretary, terrify, stupefy, impediment, superstitious, dilatory, facetious, hideous, partiality, poignant, convalescent, galvanize, juicy, neecy, incomparable, gondola, idolize, clemency, disfranchise, cuticle, influenza, cathartic, opodeldoc, marasmus, apoplexy. [All words as spelled in article.}


  1. Define what is meant by the New Education. Name its chief representative.
  2. What is meant by bands of mercy and should they have a place in our schools?
  3. Name three ways of developing the moral nature of a child.
  4. Name three ways of developing the expressive faculty of a child.
  5. Define discipline, school law, recitation, punishment, program, faculty, a successful school.


  1. a. Define decimal fraction, b. State a proportion, c. Given product and multiplicand, name the unknown term and tell how is it to be found, d. Use the four fundamental signs in an operation.
  2. If 20 yards of cloth, 1 yd. wide, shrink 4 per cent of the length and 5 percent of width, what is the loss in square yards?
  3. A. bought a horse on 8 months credit for $140, and sold him immediately for $150 cash. Required, the gain or loss in money, it being worth 8 per cent.
  4. I sold a quantity of leather through a broker who charged me 3½ per cent commission. My commission was 5½ per cent. After paying my broker, I had $30.40 remaining. What was the value of the leather.
  5. If a grocer uses scales that weigh 15¼ oz. to a lb., does he give or defraud and how much in value in selling $55.04 worth?
  6. A tourist leaves home at 12 M. on Monday, and on the following Saturday finds his watch 1 hour, 15 minutes slow. In what direction and how far did he travel?


  1. Motions of the earth and their effects.
  2. Civilization.
  3. Governments.
  4. Discuss Mexico in its relations to the U.S.
  5. Define great and small circles, meridian circle, climatic circle, axis, height of land, plateau, metropolis, cannibal, pagan.
  6. Locate Trieste, Cape San Lucas, Lake Winnepeg, Mt. Hecla, Gulf of Tonquin, Land of Dates, Galapagos islands. [All words as in article.]

The above work was written, while the examination in Grammar, Mental Arithmetic, Reading, and U.S. History and Constitution were oral. In the last named branch Prof. Brecht does not confine himself to questions concerning events that happened fifty and a hundred years ago, but evidently expects the instructors of the rising generation to know what it going on in the world now.

The examination was well attended. All the directors of Warwick township were present. The Millersville State Normal school also had a number of representatives present.

EDUCATIONAL – Appointment of Teacher’s in Various Places – Warwick township school board met at the Warwick House last Friday and made the following appointments:

  • Buch’s – Walter S. Stauffer
  • Brunnerville – J.H. Enck
  • Fairview – Miss S. Salinda Heiser
  • Lookout – I.K. Huber
  • Lexington – Miss Emma V. Huber
  • Millport – Walter P. King.
  • Martin’s – J.J. Biemesderfer
  • Pleasant View – A.N. Stauter
  • Rothsville (Upper) – J.F. Ruth
  • Rothsville (Lower) – B.F. Kopp
  • Rome – H.P. Fry
  • Sunnyside – Miss Augusta M. Bushong
  • Warwick – Cyrus Gibbel
  • Union – F.K. Sechrist

Term, 6 months; salary, permanent $45; Professional $42.50; provisional from $35 to $40. Lexington and Union school houses will be repaired and furnished with new furniture.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, August 22, 1884 Lexington Locals –

A 200-pound bell has been placed on the Lexington union school-house. To pay for it, money was collected in the school district, the school board attending to placing it in position. The school building is also being remodeled. A new floor, the walls wainscoted up to the windows, fresh paint and the latest improved school furniture comprise the changes. The school house was erected fourteen years ago. (ca 1870) The Lexington school-house along the Lititz and Lexington pike will be re-painted, remodeled and newly furnished with desks and benches. It is much needed, since it is twenty-five years since it was built and furnished. (ca 1859)


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, August 29, 01884

Miscellaneous Matter –The public schools of Warwick and Elizabeth townships will open on September 15th .


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 19, 1884

Lexington Locals- On Saturday evening the school directors disposed at public sale at the Union school house a lot of old desks, boards, etc., left after the two school houses were repaired. Ben Hacker was the auctioneer, which probably was his first undertaking in this line. Rothsville Rambles Our public schools opened on Monday with a good attendance.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 7, 1884

Teachers’ Institute – The thirty-third annual session of the Lancaster County Teachers’ Institute will be held in Fulton Opera House, Lancaster, during the week beginning November 10th. Teachers and all others interested in this work are respectfully requested to present any popular questions of an educational character that they may wish to have discussed. The institute will devote a short time each day to questions, difficulties, irregularities of the teachers detailed from their own personal experience. Let the questions be clearly and definitely stated.

The teachers in general are respectfully asked to bring samples of pupils’ work to place on exhibition during the week. An opportunity will also be given for brief oral reports of any new or special plans or classes which teachers have found to promote fresh interest in their schools.

Thursday afternoon special attention will be given to subjects of direct interest to Directors. It is hope that every Board in the county will be present.

The evening sessions are of a popular order of excellence, replete with culture, instruction and entertainment and will be higly [as spelled in article] interesting and attractive.

The regular sessions of the institute will begin at 2 P.M. on Monday. The day sessions will be devoted chiefly to the discussions of the manner and matter of instruction especially adapted to the spirit of our common schools.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 28, 1884

Brunnerville Bits-Our village school is full. Every seat is occupied and about twelve more scholars are expected to come within the next month. The teacher, J.H. Enck will be obliged to make room for the incomers, as was done heretofore. We don’t see why the directors do not build a larger school house.

Rothsville Rambles The lower Rothsville school house has a new bell, with a charming sound. Who pays for it we do not know.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 5, 1884

Lexington Laconics – County Superintendent Brecht visited the school at this place on Monday.


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