The Lititz Express, Friday Morning, January 6, 1888

School Reports – The report of Buch’s School, Warwick township, for month ending December 28th . Number of pupils, 34; girls 13, boys 24. Percentage of attendance 95. The names of those present every day are listed. The report submitted by Ella D. King, teacher.

The report of Rome School, Warwick township, for month ending December 29th. Number of pupils, 31; girls 12; boys 19. Percentage of attendance 96. The names of those present every day are listed. The report submitted by J.H. Obelin, teacher.

The report of the Lookout School, Warwick township, for month ending December 27th. Number of pupils, 52; girls 23; boys 29. Percentage of attendance, 92. The names of those present every day are listed. The report submitted by Lizzie R. Gibbel, teacher.

The report of Martin’s School, Warwick township, for month ending December 28th. Number of pupils, 39; girls 25, boys 14. Percentage of attendance 88. The names of those present every day are listed. The report submitted by Maud M. Breneman, teacher.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 6, 1888

The Coming Local Institute – The executive committee of the Lititz local institute district met in the high school room Saturday, December 3d. The following persons were present: Misses Bonine, Hacker, Breneman and Biemesderfer; Messrs. Stein, Hershey, Metzger, Huber and Oberlin. [A tentative program is laid out to be held on Saturday, January 21st.]

The committee decided to dispense with Friday evening exercises, and to have an entertainment on Saturday evening. All townships are represented and it is hoped all members of the district will be ready to respond to the call of the roll January 21.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 20, 1888

Lititz Local Institute[This is a descriptive article about the evening program as laid out for Saturday evening with the following as a final paragraph.]

A cordial invitation is extended to all. A small admission fee will be charged at the evening exercises. Tickets for sale at Brobst’s drug store.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 27, 1888

LOCAL INSTITUTE – The annual meeting of the local institute of the Lititz district was held in the high school building. The meeting was a large and enthusiastic one, no less than forty teachers being present.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 17, 1888

Brunnerville Bangs – The Union public school, situated between Lexington and Brunnerville, Cyrus Gibble, teacher, went out sleighing last Thursday, visiting the Fairview school near Rothsville and the Lime Rock school.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 2, 1888

A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING – Miss Clara Hertz will open a summer school at Brunnerville after the regular school session closes. The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 30, 1885 Rothsville Items – Miss Marcella Stauter will teach a pay school at the west end school building. Miss Cora Sweigart’s school ends this week.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 27, 1888

Brunnerville Bangs – Miss Clara Hertz has twenty-two scholars in her summer school. This is her first undertaking as a teacher and she does well too.

Will Make the Teachers Sweat – The examination of applicants for schools in this section of Lancaster county will be held at the times and places specified. The examinations will be being at 9 A.M. May 9, West Cocalico township, Schoeneck. May 10, East Cocalico township and Adamstown Borough, Reamstown.

  • May 11, Brecknock township, Bowmansville.
  • May 12, Clay township, Clay.
  • May 14, Rapho township and Manheim borough, Sporting Hill.
  • June 6, Warwick township and Lititz, Lititz.
  • June 7, Ephrata township, Ephrata.
  • June 7, East Hempfield School Board meets at Mountville at 9 A.M. to appoint teachers.
  • June 8, Manheim township, Neffsville.
  • June 12, West Hempfield School Board meets at Mountville at 9 A.M. to appoint teachers.
  • June 16, West Earl township, Earlsville.
  • June 18, Elizabeth township, Brickerville.


The examination will be oral and written. Applicants should be examined in the district in which they intend to teach. In districts where no examination is held the applicant will choose any place most convenient to himself. No second or re-examination will be granted to anyone except for special reasons.

Lititz Incorporated – The court on Tuesday made an order for the incorporation of the borough of Lititz, in accordance with the petition presented to the court. After describing the boundaries of the borough, which take in all of the village and part of the town of Warwick, the court ordered that a special election be held on Saturday, May 28th, between the hours of 1 and 7 o’clock, for borough officers. The officers appointed to conduct that election are Nathan C. Fry, judge; John F. Evans, Majority inspector, and Aldus R. Bomberger, minority inspector.

The part of Warwick taken in is thus described: Beginning as the intersection of North Cedar street with East Front street, in the town of Warwick; thence along said Front street and through lands of Peter S. Reist and Daniel D. Burkholder to lands of Wm. Evans; thence along lands of Susan Pfautz, through lands of Aaron Habecker to George Schreiner’s land; thence to Joseph Bollinger’s, along land of Peter Burkholder; thence along a lane leading from the Petersburg road to the Manheim road, along lands of David R. Buch, to the road leading to Manheim; thence by said road through lands of Emanuel Carpenter to place of beginning.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 8, 1888

The Teachers’ Trial – Seventeen applicants presented themselves before the County Superintendent at Lititz on Wednesday. To make their application complete a certificate is needed, and to obtain this short official paper, their knowledge of pedagogy has to be tested. After cautioning the applicants to be a little particular about their papers concerning peeping, the official handed them a slip on which were blanks to be filled out. This was not only instructive to the Superintend as far as answering is concerned, but also was a test of their English. [Questions on the theory of teaching and physical geography were also part of the morning session. Included in the afternoon programming was reading, grammar, history and present events.] One only of the class failed. She should not feel discouraged, but try, try again. Warwick Schools – The Warwick township school board met at the Warwick house on Wednesday after examination by Prof. Brecht and organized by electing J.H. Phillippi, president; H.S. Miller, secretary, and F.S. Hackman, treasurer. They made the following appointments of teachers to fill the schools in the township

  • Buch’s: H.R. Gibble
  • Rome: Lizzie R. Gibble
  • Fairview: Absalom Yoder
  • Martin’s: Maud M. Breneman
  • Warwick: I.K. Huber
  • Huber’s: J.W.G. Hershey
  • Lexington: J.H. Enck
  • Union Cyrus: R. Gibble
  • Brunnerville: B.U. Martin
  • Lookout: Kate Druckenmiller
  • Upper Rothsville: J.F. Ruth
  • Lower Rothsville: Cora B. Sweigart
  • Pleasant View: A.N. Stauter
  • Millport: Kate Leaman
  • Sunnyside: Sallie B. Waplesv

Salary – $45 for permanent diploma; professional and No. 1, $42; No. 1 minus, $40; No. 2 plus, $36; No. 2, $34; No. 2 minus, $30.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 15, 1888

Tid-Bits – The summer school at Brunnerville came to a close last week, after a two months’ session.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 28, 1888

A School Exhibit – M.J. Brecht, the superintendent of the public schools of Lancaster county, has issued a call to the teachers for an exhibition of all kinds of literary, artistic, manual and industrial work done in the public schools in each and every district in Lancaster county, to take place during the week of the 37 th Annual County Institute, November 12-16th .


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, October 5, 1888

Facts From Brunnerville – The village school, taught by Mr. B.U. Martin, is again overcrowded as usual, and not all the pupils are on hand who intend going to that school.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 16, 1888

Teachers Institute – The thirty-seventh annual session of the Lancaster County Teachers’ Institute was opened in the court house at Lancaster on Monday by County Superintendent M.J. Brecht. There were enrolled 551 teachers and 75 who were not teachers.

The superintendent in his opening remarks said, “You are familiar with the fact that there is a general feeling in the public mind that teachers’ institutes are not a success. Not a few are disposed to go a step further and pronounce them a failure. While others seriously doubt the wisdom of closing the schools and spending time and money to consider their interests in a general convention of the teachers. These different opinions do not arise from nothing. They are grounded upon several things directly connected with the growth and support of the public schools.

An essay was read by Miss A. Virginia Grosh on the subject of “Devices which every teacher can use to employ the little Folks.” [This was in strong support of a kindergarten in every school.]

Some of the county teachers favor the holding of the county institute next year in one of the towns of the county to punish city teachers for their refusal to become members of the institute.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 28, 1888

Facts from Brunnerville – The village school is taking a week’s vacation. Their teacher, Mr. B.U. Martin, is spending Christmas at his home at Eden.


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