The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 8, 1897

January Jottings – The fourth annual session of the teachers district institute, which includes Lititz borough, Warwick , Elizabeth and Manheim townships, will be hled in the Lititz High school building on Friday evening, January 22d and all Saturday, January 23. The programme in full will be announced later in the RECORD.

Mr. I.W. Heagey, teacher of the Pine Hill public school, was unable to teach last or this week on accounts of illness. He expects however to resume next Monday.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 22, 1897

Rothsville Ramblings – On Wednesday afternoon the West End school house was discovered to be on fire, caused from an overheated pipe. After an hour’s work the fire was completely extinguished.

Miss Elsie Huber’s school is closed since last week on account of the teacher being sick.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, January 29, 1897

DISTRICT INSTITUTE – Twelfth Annual Session o the Teachers of Lititz Borough and the Adjoining Townships – One of the most successful institutes was held here Friday evening and Saturday, January 22 and 23. The partition between the High school and the Grammar school was taken out, and the two rooms were filled. The meeting was called to order by the president, H.J. Taylor, of Manheim township.

Music by the Lititz Mandolin club.

Miss Mary Erb recited “The Judgment Day.”

The following named judges were appointed: W.C. Grosh, H.S. Meiskey, L.S. Murr. The speakers on the affirmative were G.H. Goetz, I.L. Taylor, I.W. Heagey. Negative speakers, W.S. Stauffer, J.C. Brubaker, H.R. Weaver. The question for debate was, Resolved, That the United States has reached its golden age. The decision was given in favor of the negative.

Anna M. Gherst, J.May Breneman, Capt. J.R. Bricker, I.L. Taylor and H.R. Gibbel, took part in the general debate. The house decided in favor of the negative.

The Friday evening session was an entirely new feature, and was entertaining and instructive, and was closed with music by the Mandolin club.


The institute opened promptly at nine o’clock. Singing by the institute. The devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. I.W. Bobst. The welcome address was delivered by J.B. Haag, subject, local history, – Gen. John A. Sutter and schools of Lititz. The response was delivered by Charles Albright of Manheim township.

Carrie Weidler read a paper on “How to overcome poor reading and spelling.” The subject was discussed by A. Virginia Grosh, J. May Breneman, A.S. Klein, J.W.G. Hershey, S.G. Zerfass, Rev. I.W. Bobst, Mrs. May S. Grosh, H.D. Long, Supt. M. J. Brecht. An interesting and instructive address was then given by Supt. M.H. Brecht.


The exercises opened in the afternoon at 1.30 o’clock. Number work for primary pupils was presented in a very able manner by Lillie Harnish of Manheim township. The subject was discussed by J. May Breneman, I.L. Taylor and Lillie Harnish. “Kindness” was the subject of an essay read by Elsie Huber.

A well-rendered recitation was given by Erla May Buch, a pupil of the Lititz Intermediate school.

H.R. Gibbel delivered an able treatise on literature, and was followed by Mrs. May S. Grosh.

What should be taught of civics in the public schools? was discussed by Harry Bassler of Manheim township.


The U.B. Church was crowded on Saturday evening, when the exercises opened.

Solo by Miss Kathryn Baker; organ accompaniments by Mrs. M.M. Souders. The president then introduced Rev. Dr. N.C. Schaeffer, Superintendent of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania. Does it pay? was the theme of his address. Does education pay? Does it pay in dollars and cents? It does pay if it is my girl. (Sentence as written.) The lecture was very instructive, and was well received by the large audience.
The exercises were closed by a quartette composed of Mr. Albright and the three Taylor brothers, which was well received.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 5, 1897

A Spelling Bee – Buch’s school near Lititz, Graybill Minnich, teacher, is preparing for its spelling bee to be held on Friday evening, February 12. The program includes recitations, dialogues and music, together with three spelling contests, and one geographical match. In the latter class the location of cities and rivers will be the most important feature. A small admission fee will be charged. All are invited.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, February 19, 1897

The Spelling Bee – The spelling held on February 12th, at Buch’s school near Lititz was quite a success. The interesting programme consisted of dialogues, recitations, music, tableaus, etc. One of the humorous features of the evening was a very stout woman; also a tall woman represented in the dialogue entitled “Doctor Cure-all.” The pupils recited very well, owing to the excellent management of the teacher

Mr. G.G. Minnich. The dialogues were very interesting and needed no prompters. Charles Miller recited “Little Dutchman” and Helen M. Zeller, “Be Calmed;” others were also given. The duets sung by Janet and Mary Zeller were several times encored and seemed to be appreciated.

There were three classes taught by Carrie Weidler, J.C. Brubaker and G.G. Minnich. Four prizes were given to each class. The first class was for pupils under ten years. Those who won prizes were as follows: Norman Badorf, Mary Zeller, Agnes Hoover and Susan Minnich. In the next class those winning prizes were William S. George, Jerome Hess, Edwin Markley and Harvey Markley. In the geographical contest those who won prizes were H.L. Fenstermacher, Hiram Minnich, Jr., Homer Minnich and Helen M. Zeller. A noverl feature which closed the evening’s program was singing by the Minstrel Troupe, which was represented by five burnt cork representatives, who were loudly applauded, causing a great deal of laughter by their grotesque appearance.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 12, 1897

TOWN TALK AND DOINGS – The Warwick township school board will meet on Saturday, March 20, at 9 A.M., at the Warwick House, when the teachers will be paid for the closing month of the term and the business of the school term closed so far as practicable.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 19, 1897

Brunnerville Brieflets – Our village school No. 1 closed on Thursday of this week. The primary school will close a few weeks later.
Lexington Locals – The Union school E.E. Habecker, teacher, will close on Thursday, March 25. A special programme will be rendered in the afternoon.

Millway School teacher Honored – The pupils of the Millway school on Thursday last pleasantly surprised their teacher, Mr. D.Z. Erb, by presenting him with a handsome birthday gift, consisting of a complete set of George Elliots’ works. The school closes to-day (Thursday) with an average attendance of 95 males and 99 females. The following pupils have attended each day during the term: Willie Werntz, David Werntz, Ralph Brubaker, Ella Butzer, Walter Werntz, Mabel Wolf, Sadie Killian, May R. Erb, Stella Brubaker, Annie Russell.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, March 26, 1897

Rothsville Ramblings – The East and West schools close this week; the Central will extend into April.
D.W. Dietrich will open a subscription school in the Warwick school house No. 2 on Monday, April 5th.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning April 2, 1897

Lexington Locals – The Union public school, E.E. Habecker, teacher, closed on Thursday afternoon. A special programme was rendered, consisting of recitations, dialogues and music. Refreshments consisting of ice cream, oranges, cakes, &c., was served, which was furnished by the teacher and pupils. About thirty visitors were present.

Warwick Primary School – Report of Warwick Primary School for term ending March 24, 1897. Per cent of attendance, males, 97; females 95; total 96. The following attended every day during the month: Amanda Weidner, Lizzie Snyder, Barbara Snyder, MaBelle Long, Ella Weidner, Martha Leaman, Mabel Rickert, Earla Smuck, Mabel Weaver, Lizzie McCauley, Linnie G. Roth, Harry E. Showers, Franklin Weaver, Eugene Long, Paul McCauley, Victor Miller, Morris McCloud, Alvin Long, Peter Bruner, Christian Yerger, Allen G. Roth, Harry Ditzler, Elwood Furlow, Edgar Leaman, Robert Furlow, Jacob Bomberger, Jacob H. Bu cher, Luther Grossman, Benjamin Wiedner.

The school was visited by eighty-six persons during the term. D.W. DIETRICH, Teacher


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 23, 1897

Teachers’ Examinations – County Superintendent Brecht announces that applicants for schools in Lancaster county will be examined upon the dates and at the places given in the following lits:

  1. For Primary Teachers only: May 10, all Districts, Lancaster.
  2.  For Applicants Who Have Never Taught:
    • April 29, Districts West, Lancaster.
    • April 30, Districts East, Lancaster;
    • May 4, Districts South, Lancaster;
    • May 7, Districts North, Lancaster;
    • May 13, Strasburg-Bart Section, Lancaster;
    • June 1, Earl-Brecknock Section, Lancaster.
  3. For Applicants of All Provisional Grades:
    • May 6, Eden and Colerain, Quarryville;
    • May 11, Paradise and Leacock, Paradise;
    • May 12, West Donegal and Conoy, Elizabethtown;
    • May 14, Martic and Conestoga, Conestoga;
    • May 18, Rapho and Penn, Sporting Hill;
    • May 19, Manheim and East Hempfield, Neffsville;
    • May 20, East Earl and Brecknock, Terre Hill;
    • May 24, Mt. Joy and East Donegal, Mt. Joy;
    • May 25, East Cocalico and West Cocalico, Denver;
    • May 27, East Lampeter and Upper Leacock, Bird-in-Hand;
    • May 28, Salisbury, White Horse;
    • June 2, East Drumore and Little Britain, Unicorn;
    • June 3, Fulton and Drumore, Chestnut Level;
    • June 4, Sadsbury and Bart, Christiana;
    • June 7, Earl and Caernarvon, New Holland;
    • June 9, Warwick and Elizabeth, Lititz;
    • June 10, Ephrata and Clay, Ephrata;
    • June 15, Providence and Pequea, New Providence.
  4. For Appointment of Teachers: June 3, East Hempfield, Hambright’s.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, May 28, 1897

TOWN TATTER – County Supt. Brecht has postponed the teachers’ examination announced to be here on June 9th to June 17th.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 25, 1897

NOTTY PROBLEMS TO ANSWER – The annual teachers’ examination for Lititz borough, Warwick and
Elisabeth townships was held in the High School building June 17.

Twenty-three applicants presented themselves, of which eighteen were successful in obtaining certificates, viz: G.G. Minnich, Elam Hess, Thomas H. Wolf, W.G. Kendig, Lewis A. Schnerr, Milton G. Brubaker, E.H. Enck, I.W. Heagey, Elmer E. Eby, Allen D. Carter, Levi W. Martin, Phares G. Hess, W.S. Stauffer, Elam Risser, H.S. Matter, B.F. Greider, Ida Kurtz, Sallie Townsend.

All applicants were required to answer these questions on paper; Number of terms taught; the school you have been attending; the work on theory of teaching that you have been reading or studying; name some good book you have read during the year, that you could recommend for general literature. [Questions in the THEORY OF TEACHING, ARITHMETIC, ORTHOGRAPHY, PHYSIOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, GRAMMAR, and READING were also to be answered.]


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, June 25, 1897

Teachers Appointed – The Warwick township school board met last Thursday afternoon at the Warwick, where they made the following appointments of teachers for the next term, beginning Monday, September 20.

  • Warwick No. 1 Vacant
  • Warwick No. 2 D.W. Dietrich
  • Huber’s Mary R. Erb
  • Lexington Elmer E. Eaby
  • Union E.H. Enck
  • Brunnerville No. 1 J.M. Reighter
  • Brunnerville No. 2 John M. riser
  • Rome J.B. Haag
  • Rothsville Graded G.R. Pfautz
  • Rothsville Upper Carrie B. Weidler
  • Rothsville Lower J.N. Mohn
  • Pleasant View Laura Buch
  • Millway D.W. Null
  • Millport W.S. Stauffer
  • Sunnyside Dillman Bomberger
  • Kissel Hill Levi W. Martin
  • Fairview L.S. Reist
  • Buch’s G.G. Minnich
  • Lookout I.W. Heagey


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, July 2, 1897

LOCAL GOSSIP – Mr. Harry N. Mohler has been elected as teacher of the Warwick School No. 1.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, September 3, 1897

Lexington Locals – The Warwick township public schools will open on Monday, September 20.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, October 29, 1897

School Report – The following is the Brunnerville primary school report for the term ending Oct. 15: Total number enrolled, 38; average attendance, male, 20; female, 17; per cent. of attendance, 100.

Pupils who attended 20 days: Charles Althouse, Howard Bittner, Harry Becker, Claude Buchter, Roy Doster, Frank Enck, Milton Enck, Elmer Eberly, John Fetter, Willie Fetter, Christian Gibbel, Harry Irwin, Pierce Hartranft, Urias Hartranft, Andrew Meiley, Harry Meiley, Lizzie Althouse, Mamie Althouse, Mamie Bittner, Mabel Buchter, Minnie Eitnier, May Flory, Clara Irvin, May Irvin, Katie Irvin, Edna Hippert, Rosa Habecker, Bertha Keith, Ella Landis, Lizzie Royer, Stella Royer, Lizzie Shultz. J.M. RISSER, Teacher


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, November 12, 1897

Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting – The forty-sixth annual teacher’s institute of Lancaster county convened in Fulton Opera House, Lancaster, on Monday a and was called to order by County Superintendent M.J. Brecht. Over 600 teachers were enrolled.

Following is the organization of the institute: President, M.J. Brecht, Lancaster; vice presidents, S.H. Hoffman, Columbia; E.R. Barclay, Mt. Joy; R.S. Brown, Strasburg; H.E. Gehman, Ephrata; secretary, H.M. Hoffman, Earl; recording clerk, W.E. Barton, East Hempfield; treasurer, John Weaver, Leacock; roll keepers, J.R. Wallick, Manor, T.C. Kachel, Manor; music director, Prof. W.D. Keeney; cornetist, William Bruederly.

Rev. Dr. Shaeffer, state superintendent of public instruction, delivered the opening address.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 3, 1897

Brunnerville Brieflets – The school taught by J.M. Reighter was closed on Tuesday afternoon on account of sickness of Mr. Reighter’s child.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 3, 1897

Brunnerville School Report – The following is the Brunnerville primary school report for the term ending November 19: Total number enrolled, 38; average attendance male, 20; femaile, 17; per cent of attendance, 99. Pupils who attended twenty days; Howard Bitner, Hary Becker, Claude Buchte, Roy Doster, Frank Enck, Milton Enck, John Fetter, Willie Fetter, Christian Gibble, Harry Irvin, Pierce Hartranft, Willis Longenecker, Andrew Meiley, Harry Meiley, John Althouse, Menno Eberly, Mamie Althouse, Mamie Bitner, Minnie Eitnier, May Flory, Clara Irvin, May Irvin, Katie Irvin, Edna Hippert, Rose Habecker, Bertha Keith, Ella Lancis, Lizzie Royer, Stella Royer, Lizzie Shultz, Annie Sweigert.

J.M. RISSER, Teacher


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, Friday Morning, December 10, 1897

Lexington Locals – The Union public school was closed several days this week on account of the illness of the teacher Ddgar Enck.
Information from Supt. Scheaffer – The recent Legislature passed a new law in reference to the way the state appropriation shall be apportioned. State Supt. Scheaffer has sent a letter to the school boards in reference to the new law. One-third of the state fund to each district is made up on the basis of the number of teachers regularly employed for the entire term, not counting substitutes; one-third on the basis of the number of children returned by the assessors who are between the ages of 6 and 16, and the other one-third on the basis of the number of taxables returned by the assessors at the last assessment. A blank accompanies Mr. Scheaffer’s letter, which is to be filled out with the necessary information. The statistics are now being prepared.


The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, December 31, 1897

Christmas Exercises at Buch’s School – Christmas was celebrated at Buch’s school, near Lititz, last Friday afternoon. The teacher, G.G. Minnich, assisted by the pupils and patrons, decorated the room for the important festival occasion, using cedar and tissue paper quite profusely, the windows being adorned with beautiful flowers and vines. The afternoon was spent in singing, recitations and dialogues, the last, but not least feature being music by six girls. But before they were through St. Nick, with his colored attendant, entered, and in a second the girls were from the stage, leaving plenty of room for the strange visitors from Klondike. After amusing the pupils and visitors for some time, he presented each pupil with a package of candy and the teacher with a beautiful album. About a score of visitors were present and an interesting address on “Christmas” was delivered by H.M. Eberly.


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