The Lititz Record-Express, September 6, 1945

Warwick Twp. Schools Will Open Monday – The Warwick Township schools will open on Monday, September 10, with a half day session, beginning at 8:30 and ending at 12:00 noon.

The first faculty meetings will follow in the afternoon. Grades will meet at 1:30 Monday and High School Faculty at 1:30 Tuesday.

Parents are urged to send birth and vaccination certificates with beginning pupils. No pupil will be admitted for the first time without these certificates, and who had not attained the age of 6 years on or before February 1, 1946.

Permits will be issued for all children over 14 years of age and not yet 16 years old to do farm or domestic work, if they have completed the 6 th grade. Pupils may be employed in industry if they are 16 or over by getting General Employment Permits. The Emergency permits will be granted for 10 days at a time and are renewable, if harvest emergency exists.

Bus schedules, in charge of Fred Kauffman of Rothsville will be the same as last year.

New Teachers elected to fill resignations made are as follows:

  • Jarret L. Nicks, principal John Beck Grade Building.
  • Mae A. Hacker, Grades 2 and 4 John Beck.
  • Esther W. Groff, English and Social Studies, Rothsville High.
  • Miriam H. George, Librarian and English, High School
  • Hazel F. Detambel, Music Supervisor.

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