The Lititz Record Express, Thursday, April 25, 1949

Warwick Twp. Schools will Open Sept. 6 – The Warwick Twp. Schools will open on Tuesday, September 6. There will be half day sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning at 8:30 and ending at 11:30. All schools will operate on Daylight Saving Time.

Parents are urged to send Birth and Vaccination Certificates with beginning pupils. No pupil will be admitted for the first time without these certificates and who has not attained the age of six years on or before January 31, 1950.

Mrs. Melvin Erb from the west end of Rothsville will issue all Working Permits. Her telephone is Lititz 458-J12. Al 15 year old permits must be approved by the School board.

The following new teachers have been added to the teaching staff for this coming term: Mrs. Arthur Ott, Kissel Hill School; Mrs. Mary Sensenich, Grades 1-2 at John Beck; Mrs. Mary Rice, Grades 4-5 at John Beck; Mrs. Richard Gaus, H.S. Commercial.


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