Discover someone new and engaging in a biography from the Lititz Public Library.

My Days : Happy and OtherwiseMy Days: Happy and Otherwise by Marion Ross
Before her success as Mrs. Cunningham in Happy Days, the author was a Hollywood starlet who went on to appear in nearly every major TV series of the 1950s and 1960s.

Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World by Eileen McNamara
While Joe Kennedy was grooming his sons for the White House, his daughter engineered one of the great civil rights movements on behalf of millions of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: My Tale of Madness and Recovery by Barbara K. Lipska
In 2015, a leading expert on the neuroscience of mental illness was diagnosed with a melanoma that spread to her brain, causing terrifying schizophrenia-like symptoms that miraculously responded to immunotherapy, leaving the author with a clear memory of her brush with madness.

Where There's Hope : Healing, Moving Forward, and Never Giving UpWhere There’s Hope: Healing, Moving Forward and Never Giving Up by Elizabeth Smart
Following her horrific experiences as a fourteen-year-old girl abducted and held captive for nine months, the author has traveled the world sharing the story of her healing process and guiding others to make peace with the past.

Hunting the Truth by Beate and Serge Klarsfeld
After WWII, a German girl and a Jewish boy met on the Paris subway and fell in love, embarking on a fifty-year crusade to track down, expose, confront and prosecute Nazi war criminals all over the world.

Hiding Out: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception and Double Lives by Tina Alexis Allen
A privileged suburban life shaped by her formidable father spiraled out of control when the two became confidants and partners in wild escapades.

Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life by Laura Thompson
Unraveling the truth behind a puzzling woman, the author explores Christie’s relationships, including those with her two husbands and daughter, and investigates the many mysteries still surrounding her life.

Playing House in Provence : How Two Americans Became a Little Bit FrenchPlaying House in Provence: How Two Americans Became a Little Bit French by Mary-Lou Weisman
Eager to become immersed in a foreign country, the author and her husband planned to get as close to the essence of French culture as they could, spending four wonderful and sometimes humiliating months in Provence.

Flunk. Start.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology by Sands Hall
A young woman striving to forge her own way as an artist, the author describes her slow yet willing absorption into the Church of Scientology in the 1980s, revealing what drew her into the religion and how she came to confront its darker side.

Unmasked by Andrew Lloyd Webber
The distinguished creator of numerous musical theater hits takes stock of his achievements, the twists of fate that brought him both success and disappointment and the passions that sustain him.

At Home in the World : Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the GlobeAt Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe by Tsh Oxenreider
In her late thirties, a mother with three kids under age ten and her husband decided to spend nine months traveling to places they always wanted to explore, from China to Thailand to Australia, Uganda, France, Croatia and beyond.

Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA and What It Taught Me About What’s Worth Fighting For by Michele Rigby Assad
The author spent over a decade in the intelligence agency leading some of the most highly skilled operatives, secretly serving in some of the most treacherous areas of the Middle East and at risk as a target for ISIS.

Everything is Horrible and Wonderful: a Tragicomic Memoir of Genius, Heroin, Love and Loss by Stephanie Wittels Wachs
In a hopeful memoir of addiction, grief and family, the author shares the story of her younger brother’s death from a heroin overdose and the emotionally devastating first year after his death.

The Duchess: Camilla Parker Bowles and the Love Affair that Rocked the Crown by Penny Junor
Veteran royal biographer casts an insightful, sensitive eye on the intriguing, once widely despised and little-known infamous “other woman” who, thanks to numerous twists of fate, became the popular princess consort.


June 15, 2018