Early School Houses of Warwick Township

This is a compilation of research materials that give us a glimpse into what life was like for students, teachers and citizens in the Warwick township from the late 1800s to now.

Here is n excerpt from the introduction:

“The old deeds provided dates and The Lititz Record (1877-1937) and The Lititz Express (1877-1937) provided a wealth of information about what was happening in the realm of education. . Local correspondents from the small villages in the township provided small snippets of what was occurring in their neighborhood to what happened when a teacher was too sick to teach school…I hope you enjoy reading about these early schools and how they came and went. “


Table of Contents

Introduction or Why This Was Written
Map of Warwick Township with Locations
Bits and Pieces of Odds and Ends
Martin’s School #1
Union School House, Lexington Road #2
Brunnerville School House #3
Pleasant View School at Lexington on Furnace Hills Pike #4
Owl Hill School #5
Kissel Hill School #6
Huber School, 612 North Cedar Street #7
Huber School on Newport Road #8
Buch’s School #9
Lookout School at Pine Hill #10
Pleasant View School on Church Road near Rothsville #11
Sunnyside School #12
Upper Rothsville School #13
Lower Rothsville School #14
Rothsville School #15 26
Fairview School/Widders School #16
Millway School #17
Millport School #18
Rothsville Central School #19
Rome School #20
Warwick No. 1 and Warwick No. 2 Schools #21