Gift-a-Book 2016

Kids, summer and reading go together. Visit the Lititz Public Library before June 1st and choose a children’s book to donate as a gift to the library in honor of a special friend or family member. A Gift-a-Book contribution of $15 or more is a great way to bring wonderful books and eager children together this summer.

What are kids reading these days? Here are some recent titles added to the children’s collection of the Lititz Public Library.

Who Woke the Baby?Who Woke the Baby? By Jane Clarke
Feeling grumpy when he is awakened early, a little gorilla identifies an assortment of exotic jungle animals who interrupted his rest and is gently comforted back to sleep. (Toddlers)

Get Up and Go! By Nancy Carlson
Text and illustrations encourage preschoolers, regardless of shape or size, to play games, walk, dance and engage in sports and other forms of exercise.

The Wonderful Habits of Rabbits by Douglas Florian
Lyrical story follows a family of rabbits as they have fun doing everyday things like digging holes, building snow rabbits, thumping their feet and more until the day comes to an end when their favorite thing to do is say “goodnight” with a hug and a kiss. (Preschool through early primary grades.)

Oscar and the Bird : A Book about ElectricityOscar and the Bird: A Book About Electricity by Geoff Waring
Oscar the kitten finds a tractor in the field and, when he accidently turns on the windshield wipers, Bird flies over to answer all his questions about electricity. (Early primary grades.)

Pay It Forward Kids: Small Acts, Big Changes by Nancy Runstedler
Twelve ordinary kids from across North America have done extraordinary things, all on their own initiatives, and the ripples have inspired others to join their causes or start missions of their own. (Grades 5-8.)

Cool Parks & Trails: Great Things to Do in the Great Outdoors by Katherine Hengel
Easy-to-follow steps and bright photography illustrate how to make the outdoors fun with projects, games and skills like playing hiking bingo, creating a no-hands water holder or making a walking stick. Grades 3-6.)

Murder Is Bad MannersMurder is Bad Manners by Robin Stevens
At an English boarding school in the 1930s, crime-solving friends struggle to find an exciting mystery to investigate until one girl discovers the dead body of the science teacher. (Grades 4-7.)

Yoga in the Jungle by Ramiro Calle
While mimicking the body language of animals in a story of friendship that unfolds in the jungle of India, illustrated yoga poses help children to improve their poise and concentration. (Preschool-Kindergarten)

I Have a Skeleton by Simone T. Ribke
People aren’t floppy like a jellyfish thanks to the collection of bones underneath the skin. (Kindergarten–Grade 2.)

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein
World-famous game maker, Luigi Lemoncello, has invited teams from across America to compete in the first ever Library Olympics and challenge the reigning literature-loving champions. (Grade 4-6.)

Drones by Katie Marsico
Learn how unmanned aircrafts were invented and improved over time, what they are used for today and why they have sometimes caused controversy. (Grades 2-4.)

Pete the Cat: Scuba-CatPete the Cat: Scuba Cat by James Dean
As Pete the Cat searches underwater for a seahorse, he comes into contact with all types of sea creatures.
(Preschool–Grade 2.)

Slacker by Gordon Korman
An eighth-grader, who is very happy to spend his life avoiding homework and gaming for hours in his basement, gets pushed to the center of a group involved in community service, whether he likes it or not. (Grades 4-7.)

Megafast Trucks by John Farndon
Profiles of different monster trucks delve into amazing feats related to speed. (Grades 4-6.)

May 6, 2016