Huber School on Newport Road

There were two Huber schools. The three items below were found in the Lititz Record when looking for information about the Huber school on Cedar Street.

  • Found in the Lititz Record of November 18, 1926 is the notice for a public sale of two school houses. Owl Hill School is to be sold with 1 acre of land. Huber’s School is to be sold without land.
  • From the Lititz Record, November 25, 1926: Two school houses sold at the Warwick House on Saturday. Huber’s was sold to U.S. Delp for $375. Mr. Delp owns the land on which the house is erected
  • And then in the Lititz Record of September 8, 1927: Avon Kofroth, who bought a former school house near the crossroads at J.C. Brubaker’s farm, is remodeling it into a modern bungalow. It had been owned by U.S. Delp.

The three small paragraphs did not seem to fit in with any thing I had until I ran across a report in the Lititz Record in the February 24, 1905 paper about a Country Lyceum being held at the Huber’s new school house north of Lititz. Lyceums were gatherings of local and not so local people who came to be entertained at no cost. This one consisted of “recitations, with true dramatic effect”, solos, choruses, an orchestra, and a debate between students from F. & M. and the “old ironsides of Warwick”. Being debated was whether “happiness increases with civilization”. No starting time was given but it lasted until 11 p.m. and the school house was filled to the brim. The article was signed “Rebel”.

There was an old Huber School house and a new Huber School house. The new school house was located on what is now Newport Road not so very far from the old school. It was just up to the crossroads and turn right. Across the stream and on the north side of the road was the location of the new school house. It appears that the land on which the new school was built was loaned to the School District for the purpose of building a larger school, and ownership remained with the Huber Family.

In a deed from June of 1864 when Isaac Huber and his wife Susanna transferred the property to Henry H. Huber, a graveyard for the use of the family who owned the property was referenced, and that it had to be kept in good order. In 1910 two tracts of land were bought by U.S. Delp from an Abraham Huber and his wife. The next deed transfers ownership of 57 ½ perches of land to Avon Kofroth. The land is described as being the premises formerly occupied by the Warwick Township School District and part of the same premises which Abraham H. Huber and Lydia his wife sold to Ulysses S. Delp on March 30, 1910.

Taken about 1970. From files of M. Xakellis
Taken 2011 by M. Xakellis

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