Lititz Moravian Church (1787)



“The two side galleries were reached by inside stairways. The bell rope hung back of the organ on the west gallery. There were high-backed movable benches and the windows were of plain glass with white curtains. The room was heated with two stoves and lighted with a tin chande- lier hung from the center of the ceiling.  There were also candles along the walls and pillars.”

Also “According to hearsay, the pulpit was at the east end of the church, but there is no written verification of this point.”

Mary Huebener in Vo. XIV, 1949, Moravian Historical Society, page 248.

David Tannenberg built his finest organ for the new church, which would have been even larger had the church been able to afford it. After constant use for ninety-two years this organ was discarded. An effort toward restoration is now (1967) being made spearheaded by Wayne LeFevre.

The second floor of the parsonage had served the congregation as their house of worship for twenty-three years until the new church was built. On the walls hung a number of Valentine Haidt’s paintings. The chair and the table with its black cloth cover served as a pulpit and were moved into the new church.  The pulpits were always along the long side of the early churches.


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