Lookout School at Pine Hill

This school house, no longer in existence, was on the west side of Clay Road just north of Orchard Road. Here is a photo of a class of students that was taken in front of the school. The building appears to have been of frame and brick construction.

Lookout School in Pine Hill about 1906 or 1907

The property was sold to the Warwick Township School District by Henry Mohn and Sarah, his wife, on August 13, 1855. The parcel of land was just 23 perches, and they received $23 for it. Henry had
purchased the property on April 2, 1855 from Charles and Olivia Kryder who had purchased it from Peter Feiles on April 4, 1851. The deed transferring the property from Henry Mohn to the School District was recorded on February 20, 1891 in Deed Book P, Volume 13, page 569.

Dramatics at Lookout School ca 1908.

In the Lititz Record of January 24, 1924 it was reported that the Warwick Township School Board at a public sale at the Warwick House sold the Lookout School property and grounds at Pine Hill to Amos Metzler of Pine Hill for $235. On this same Saturday Amos also bought the Union School and property at Lexington. The same deed was used to record these two transactions and was dated March 31, 1924. It was recorded on November 28, 1924 in Deed Book D, Volume 27, page 251.

This photo shows the pupils in costume for one of their “dramatics” they performed. The teacher is Clayton Zimmerman and appears on the right.

There was a verbal remembrance by Harold Dull of Lexington that he thought that Amos Metzler moved the Lookout School building to the Lexington site of the Union School to build a house. In the Lititz Record issue of January 31, 1924 the “Brunnerville” items reported that Amos Metzler “is working at the
Union School House, Lexington, and is converting it into a double dwelling. The Lititz Express issue of February 1, 1924 repeated the information. Amos possibly used the materials from the Lookout School in the remodeling of the Union School in Lexington.


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