Lower Rothsville School 1726 Old Rothsville Road

Photo ca 1970 from the files of M. Xakellis

For $100 Levi Bender and his wife Hannah sold 80 perches (½ acre) on a public road leading from Rothsville to Ephrata to the Warwick Township School District. The transaction took place on February 21, 1881 and was part of the land that Levi and Hannah had bought from the estate of Jacob Leed on April 1, 1873. The deed was recorded on February 20, 1891 in Deed Book P, Volume 13, page 572.

Photo taken 2011 by M. Xakellis

On April 10, 1911 Christian and Mary Fassnacht sold these 80 perches to William Dixon for $561. In the deed recording this sale (Deed Book F, Volume 28, page 34) a reference was made stating that it was the same premises that Levi and Hannah Bender sold to the Board of School Directors of Warwick Township, and that on April 8, 1911 the School District sold this property to Christian Fasnacht.

This same piece of land containing 80 perches can be traced by deed transactions to current day and the address of 1726 Old Rothsville Road is verified by the mortgage document on file at the Recorder of Deeds Office at the Lancaster County Courthouse.

From the “Rothsville Bicentennial 1790-1990” This school was built in 1881/1882 to replace the old and again overcrowded brick school at 1716 Old Rothsville Road. This school closed in 1910 after the new High School opened on Church Street.


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