Martin’s School

The 40 perches (a quarter acre) of land on which Martin’s School was built is now occupied by a more modern home. The school house was located on the point of land between Pierson Road and Owl Hill Road at the five-point intersection where Kissel Hill Road comes up the hill from Lititz and connects with them.

The land was sold to the Warwick Township School District for $10 by John Pfautz and his wife Elizabeth. The deed was dated May 1, 1849 and recorded February 20, 1891 in Deed Book M, Volume 13, page 489. The school board members in this deed were Christian Hostetter, Abraham Myers, Christian Weiss, Henry Staufer (sic), Samuel Lichtenthaler, and Jacob Buch. The deed stipulated that when the land and building were no longer needed for a school, two disinterested men chosen by the Directors would make an appraisal of the property and set a value. The current owner of the land from which the 40 perches were taken would have the first right to buy or refuse. If it was refused, the first person with money in hand could purchase the property.

In May of 1893 the property was sold to Monroe M. Pfautz by the Warwick School Board for $26. This deed was recorded May 25, 1915 in Deed Book H, Volume 22, page 468. This deed explained that Monroe Pfautz, the present owner of the main tract from which the school land was taken, accepted the same at the appraised value.

The ownership of the property could be followed by tracking the recorded deeds as it passed through six different owners until in 2009 a street address of 207 Owl Hill Road was given as the location of the property. When the old school house was moved or torn down is not known.


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