Sometimes sad and often laugh-out-loud funny, the chronicles of writers who share their personal thoughts and struggles make great summer reading. Borrow a memoir from the Lititz Public Library.

Once We Were Sisters : A MemoirOnce We Were Sisters by Sheila Kohler
Her sister’s death in a Johannesburg road accident sends the author back to her homeland and forces a reckoning with the lingering effects of their most unusual childhood.

Nevertheless by Alec Baldwin
Actor shares his public and private life, from his Long Island childhood through his days as a college student gearing up for a career in politics, apprenticeship as a young soap opera star, addiction to drugs and alcohol and failings as a husband and father.

The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy
Journalist recounts a reporting trip to Mongolia in 2012 when she was pregnant, married, successful and financially secure, but a month later, none of that was true.

NYPD Green : The True Story of an Irish Detective in New YorkNYPD Green by Luke Waters
Take a glimpse of the grit, glory and absurdity of police work through the eyes of an Irish immigrant who spent more than twenty years as one of New York’s Finest.

Traveling with Ghosts by Shannon Leone Fowler
When her boyfriend died from a horrific jellyfish attack in Thailand, a marine biologist sought healing through world travel.

Change of Seasons by John Oates
Exposed to folk, blues, soul and R & B music while growing up, Oates teamed up with Daryl Hall in the late 1960s and developed a style that was uniquely their own.

Alive, Alive Oh! by Diana Athill
On the eve of her ninety-eighth birthday, the author reflects on things that matter after a lifetime of remarkable experiences and memories.

No Barriers : A Blind Man's Journey to Kayak the Grand CanyonNo Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon by Erik Weihenmayer and Buddy Levy
The first and only blind person to summit Mount Everest tells the story of his life since then, from leading expeditions around the world to adopting a son from Nepal to his solo whitewater journey through the Grand Canyon.

Pure Heart: A Spirited Tale of Grace, Grit and Whiskey by Troy Ball
Settling in Ashville, North Carolina with her husband and special-needs sons, the author found the freedom to pursue her dreams until the real estate bubble burst, leaving her family in jeopardy.

My Life to Live: How I Became the Queen of Soaps When Men Ruled the Airways by Agnes Nixon
Travelling from Nashville to New York after WWII, Nixon beat the odds and became a daytime television pioneer, wrestling with controversial social issues and positioning ABC to become a media giant.

Between Heaven and the Real World by Steven Curtis Chapman
Contemporary Christian musician shares experiences that have shaped him, his faith and his music.

Morgue : A Life in DeathMorgue: A Life in Death by Dr. Vincent Di Malo and Ron Fanscell
A pathologist tells his life story through his cases, from the exhumation of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the complex issues surrounding the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Scared Selfless: My Journey from Abuse and Madness to Surviving and Thriving by Michelle Stevens, Ph.D
Enduring unimaginable cruelty as a child, after fifteen years, three hospitalizations and multiple suicide attempts, the author earned her Ph.D. in psychology.

Grace Notes by Katey Sagal
Award-winning actor chronicles the highs and lows of her life through a series of moving vignettes.

Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World by Amy Peterson
Enthralled by the stories of missionaries as a child, the author embarked on a journey of belief and adventure after college.

Rise : How a House Built a FamilyRise: How a House Built a Family by Cara Brookins
Escaping an abusive marriage with her four children, the author built her own house equipped only with YouTube instructional videos and a small bank loan.

Dimestore by Lee Smith
Despite the support of a loving Southern mountain family, the author faced her son’s mental illness and early death through the help of her writing.

July 7, 2017