Mission and Values – (2016-2021 Strategic Plan)

Our Mission

The mission of the Lititz Public Library is to provide materials, services and programs
for educational, recreational and cultural enrichment to residents of Lititz Borough,
Warwick Township and Elizabeth Township.

Our Vision Statement

The Lititz Public Library will provide a community hub for life-long learning through
materials, programs, and technology. It will be a busy place where friendly social interaction
of patrons and staff occurs and all residents enjoy the building space. The
library will connect with the Warwick School District and collaborate with other local
organizations to promote the educational, cultural and economic well being of the
community. The library staff will continue to find ways to serve specific target groups
within the community. The library’s Board of Trustees will obtain the strong financial
foundation necessary to sustain service ant to initiate new services.

Our Core Values

We are committed to:
1. Providing free, open and equitable service to all patrons.
2. Providing the best possible access to a wide variety of materials.
3. Respecting each and every patron.
4. Respecting each other as the organization’s most important resource.
5. Valuing and supporting diversity of people and perspectives.
6. Being skilled and dedicated to customer service.
7. Focusing on literacy and life-long learning.
8. Being responsible stewards of public funds.
9. Being accountable for our performance.
10. Providing a community gathering place and creating lively programs.
11. Protecting each patron’s right to privacy with respect to information sought and
materials consulted or borrowed.