Movies and Marriage

View the ups and downs of onscreen married couples. Borrow a DVD from the Lititz Public Library.

Away From HerAway From Her (2006)
A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease forces the separation of an Ontario couple who have been married for over forty years.

Blind Date (2007)
An estranged married couple goes on a series of “blind” dates to reignite their relationship.

A Letter to Three Wives (1949)
Three women receive letters from the town flirt who has run off with one of their husbands.

The Other Man (2008)
After his wife disappears, a husband discovers clues about the life she had been leading and that he never knew existed.

This Is 40This is 40 (2012)
After years of marriage a young couple tries to balance romance, careers, parents and children in their own hilarious ways.

Amour (2012)
A loving octogenarian couple’s unbreakable bonds of marriage are tested when the wife has a stroke.

The VowThe Vow (2012)
When a wife awakes from a coma with severe memory loss, her husband sets his sights are winning her heart again.

Hope Springs (2012)
A middle-aged couple, married for thirty years and drifting apart, signs up for an intense, week-long marriage counseling session.

Blue Valentine (2010)
A young married couple who has grown apart takes one night away from their daughter to try to save their relationship.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)
A father’s life unravels while he deals with a marital crisis and tries to manage his relationship with his children.

The Proposal (2009)
Faced with deportation, a high-powered book editor coerces a much younger assistant into marrying her.

Spanglish (2004)
With the arrival of a beautiful Mexican maid and her daughter to their household, a troubled family faces even more challenges in their domestic life.

PHILADELPHIA STORYThe Philadelphia Story (1940)
A rich, spoiled socialite learns some things about who she is and what she really wants on the eve of her second wedding.

Made for Each Other (1939)
A young couple struggles in their first year of marriage facing illness, money problems and a meddling mother-in-law.

Monsoon Wedding (2001)
Love and hope envelop an upper middle-class Indian family and their guests as they celebrate the arranged marriage of their daughter to an East Indian man from Texas.

The War of the RosesThe War of the Roses (1989)
In a black comedy, a mean-spirited, divorcing couple will try anything to get their spouse out of the house.

A Handful of Dust (1988)
In 1930s England, a couple’s idyllic life in a huge Victorian country house is shattered by the chance arrival of a penniless scrounger.

Originally published on March 14, 2014 in the Lititz Record Express.