New Thrillers

In the mood for a book-induced adrenaline rush? The Lititz Public Library has a variety of new thrillers this summer.

The Island : A Thriller“The Island” by Ragnar Jonasson
When someone goes missing on an island near Iceland, a detective suspects it is connected to another case that happened ten years earlier.

“Fragments of Fear” by Carrie Stuart Parks
A call from an animal shelter regarding a lost dog leads an artist to a murdered archaeologist… and the artist becomes the next target.

“The New Girl” by Daniel Silva
A Saudi Arabian prince with a sullied reputation must do all that he can to save his daughter who was kidnapped from Switzerland and taken to France.

“Cari Mora” by Thomas Harris
A caretaker who works in a mansion where millions of dollars’ worth of gold is hidden uses her wits to survive when a psychopath targets both her and the treasure.

She Lies in Wait : A Novel“She Lies in Wait” by Gytha Lodge
A group of teenagers parties in the woods one night, and one girl goes missing. Her body is found 30 years later in a place known only by those who were present on the night of her disappearance.

“City of Windows” by Robert Pobi
An ex-FBI agent is asked to investigate a case only he can solve—a murder that took place in a moving vehicle during a blizzard by a sniper.

“Rogue Strike” by David Ricciardi
Two CIA agents must find out who is responsible for tampering with a drone to make it fire missiles at pilgrims in Mecca rather than at the intended al Qaeda leaders.

The Chain“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty
A terrifying chain of kidnappings occurs in which mysterious phone calls force parents to kidnap children in order to free their own children.

“The Night Before” by Wendy Walker
After having a date with a stranger, a woman goes missing. Her protective sister fights to find her and discovers some alarming secrets about her in the process.

“Fall” by Neal Stephenson
A billionaire’s memory is scanned and stored in a digital cloud when he goes brain dead during a medical procedure. Eventually his brain is revived and his mind lives on in a strange digital dimension known as the Bitworld.

“The Escape Room” by Megan Goldin
Four wealthy co-workers from Wall Street are invited to an escape room only to realize it is not an exercise in team work, but a matter of life and death.

A Stranger on the Beach : A Novel“A Stranger on the Beach” by Michele Campbell
A woman meets a strange man near her beach house and the life she thought was perfect starts to crumble to pieces. In time, her situation grows deadly.

“Deception Cove” by Owen Laukkanen
A rescue dog, beloved by a former Marine and its previous owner, an ex-convict, ends up in the middle of a dilemma involving a package from a drug dealer.

“I Know You” by Annabel Kantaria
Having just moved from California to the outskirts of London, a woman grows suspicious about her new group of friends. Social media shows they aren’t what they seemed at first, and one of them is a stalker.

“Labyrinth” by Catherine Coulter
The body of a missing CIA agent ends up on an FBI agent’s windshield in a freakish car accident and a woman accuses a supposed psychic of murdering three girls, resulting in a pair of complex cases.

Kathryn Raynor
August 14, 2019