Noah Hawley Read-Alikes

A stand-out thriller on the New York Times Bestseller List is Before the Fall by Noah Hawley. This novel weaves the stories of ten wealthy victims of a plane crash and their backstories with those of a down-on-his-luck painter and a four-year-old boy, the tragedy’s only survivors. Was it merely an odd coincidence that so many influential people perished?

Look for Before the Fall and these read-alike thrillers featuring similar subject matter or writing style at the Lititz Public Library.

Hunting Down Amanda by Andrew Klavan
After his wife’s brutal murder, a musician becomes obsessed with the mother of a five-year-old on the run from a team of ruthless killers.

Hard Cold WinterHard Cold Winter by Glen Erik Hamilton
As a favor to a friend of his late grandfather, a former Army Ranger and thief embarks on a dangerous journey in search of a missing girl tied to his own criminal past.

The Professor of Truth by James Robertson
Twenty-one years after his wife and daughter were killed in the bombing of a plane over Scotland, a college lecturer comes to believe the wrong man was convicted.

Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
An FBI Special Agent travels to a quaint Massachusetts seaside village to investigate the theft of a priceless wine collection but finds a bricked-up niche with a crumbling skeleton.

The Alibi Man by Tami Hoag
An undercover cop until a tragic mistake ended her career, a Palm Beach horse trainer discovers the body of a friend and is determined to find answers.

Truth or Die by James Patterson & Howard Roughan
An attorney’s peaceful life is shattered when he unearths evidence of a shocking secret every government and terrorist organization would do anything to possess.

The Second OpinionThe Second Opinion by Michael Palmer
Diagnosed as a teen with Asperger’s syndrome, a brilliant physician working for Doctors Without Borders is baffled when her siblings refuse care for their hit-and-run victim father.

7 Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly
A scientist with a team of commandos races heavily armed military groups in the search for pieces of the Golden Capstone, an ancient Egyptian structure promising ultimate power to whomever wins the competition.

Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler with Grant Blackwood
Legendary treasure-hunting brothers set off on an adventure when a millionaire, who is said to be a direct descendant of a Persian King, claims to know the location of Delphi’s treasury.

Crime of Privilege by Walter Walker
Pitted against a powerful family when he reopens the scandalous case of a young woman’s unsolved murder, an attorney faces a haunting mistake from his past while outmaneuvering wealth-driven corruption.

Breach of TrustBreach of Trust by David Ellis
Blaming himself for the deaths of his wife and daughter a year earlier, a man is forced by the FBI to bring down the organization of a corrupt governor, a case that reveals devastating truths about his family’s deaths.

Killer View by Ridley Pearson
Tracking treacherous elements to rescue a missing skier, a sheriff and his team are shocked by a sniper attack that leaves one of their number dead and another missing.

Black Friday by Alex Kava
While sifting through debris left when terrorists attacked the largest mall in America, an FBI profiler discovers her brother is involved and another attack could happen in less than twenty-four hours.

Open and ShutOpen and Shut by David Rosenfelt
A defense attorney exposes a deadly political conspiracy when he finds links between his father’s death, a death row inmate and the three most powerful men in New Jersey.

Deadline by John Sandford
A school board approves a proposal to kill a local reporter and a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent looks into a dognapping which turns into something bigger and uglier.

August 26, 2016