Pleasant View School 137 Church Road Rothsville

Ca 1970 from the files of M. Xakellis

The name Pleasant View seems to have been used for more than one school. In a newspaper article in the Lititz Record on Thursday, October 22, 1936 “Pleasant View” was used to describe the Lexington School on Furnace Hills Pike when it was sold at a public sale. In a news article from the Lititz Record on June 30, 1905 the area was called Pleasant View in describing the location of the “Home for the Friendless of the United Zion Church” that was to be built. We now know this as the United Zion Home. Thus Pleasant View was an area north of Lititz but not quite to Lexington proper, and in the news article it was only being used as a location description, not the name of the school.

This school at 137 Church Road in Rothsville was identified in the deed as the Pleasant View School when the Warwick Township School district no longer needed it as a school and sold the property at publ ic sale.

On July 13, 1881 Joseph B. Eby and Mary, his wife, sold 53 ¼ perches to the Warwick Township School District for $150. It was described as being on the public road leading from Rothsville to Millport. The deed was recorded on February 20, 1891 in Deed Book P, Volume 13, page 574.

Photo taken in 2011 by M. Xakellis

On November 11, 1911 the Directors of the Warwick Township School District sold the property at public sale to Emma A. Mumma, she being the highest bidder. She paid $296.50 for the 53 ¼ perches with improvements that is described in the deed as “generally being known as the Pleasant View School premises”. The deed was recorded on April 21, 1915 in Deed Book K, Volume 22, page 269.

Following the progression of deeds it is finally in Deed 5788-624 that the property is identified as 137 Church Road and contains 53 ¼ perches, the same amount of land that was originally sold to the School District for a school.

From “Rothsville Bicentennial 1790-1990” the statement is made that this school was built at the same time as Lower Rothsville School and was in operation by 1882. It closed in 1910 and the pupils transferred to the new High School in Rothsville.


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