Pleasant View School at Lexington on Furnace Hills Pike

Photo taken prior to 1948. Courtesy of Doris McCreary

Joseph Brubaker, Sr. and Mary, his wife, sold 35 perches of land to the Warwick Township School District for $35. In the deed dated June 2, 1857 it was described as a “small piece of ground”. A quarter of an acre of land contains 40 perches. The deed was recorded February 20, 1891 in Deed Book P, Volume 13, page 567.

On October 17, 1936 this property is described as a one story brick school building with a frame vestibule attached in the Village of Lexington on 35 perches of land. It was offered for public sale by the Warwick Township School District, and was purchased by J.H. Yerger for $400. The deed was dated January 14, 1937 and recorded January 15, 1937 in Deed Book X, Volume 32, page 291.

From an article in the Lititz Express on Thursday, October 22, 1936: “On Saturday the one room school building in Lexington was sold by the Warwick Township School Board at public sale to John Yerger for $435.” From another article in this same paper: “Pleasant View at Lexington was bought by John Yerger of Lititz for $400. “ From this it is safe to say that John Yerger did buy this school house and the deed states a purchase price of $400.

Photo taken after building was moved. Courtesy of Doris McCreary

In 1948 there was a general reshuffling of property as outlined in Deed Book O, Volume 39, page 408. The highway from the Newport Road inte
rsection to Brickerville was to be straightened, widened, and relocated to bypass the little village of Lexington. The small brick building that once housed the school had to be moved in order to accomplish this. Land was bought to allow the building to be moved east by approximately the width of the house. The new road would be to the west and lower than the old road.

When the property changed hands in 1939 from J.H. Yerger to Robert and Rhoda Sensenig it contained 35 perches. When it was transferred from the Robert and Rhoda Sensenig to Walter and Doris McCreary in 1960 the size of the parcel was still 35 perches. The property lines were adjusted so that the parcel of land was still the same size. The street address of this property is 811 Furnace Hills Pike.

In the photo on the previous page taken in the 1950’s and in the photo to the left, it can be seen that the driveway is steeper and just how much the Lititz Pike was lowered. The old porch, torn off when the building was moved, was replaced with a larger one.

Today (2011) the small house is hard to see from Route 501 because of the growth of the trees and bushes.


From files of M. Xakellis
In Spring of 2011 it is hard to see the small house that was once Pleasant View School. Photo by M. Xakellis











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