Sunnyside School

The original deed was dated August 9, 1867. The property, containing 40 perches (¼ acre) was sold by Andrew B. Hackman and Martha, his wife for $150 to the Warwick Township School District. The deed was recorded February 20, 1891 in Deed Book P, Volume 13, page 570.

A deed was not found for the sale of the school property when it was no longer needed by the school district, but reference was made to the transaction when Willis B. Hackman and Emma G., his wife, sold the property to Richard H. Hackman and Elizabeth B., his wife in March of 1942. The property being transferred consisted of two tracts of land with tract 1containing over 70 acres and tract 2 containing 40 perches. Tract 2 was noted as the same premises that the Warwick Township School District, intending to record, sold to Willis B. Hackman on February 17, 1917. The description in the deed of this tract of land started with: “Beginning at a stone in a public road leading from Oregon to Lititz—“. The approximate location was on the north side of Owl Hill Road just before Woods Drive.

This school house was torn down in the 1960’s when the property along the road was subdivided into building lots. The whole hill behind is now known as Kissel Terrace, but was once called Sunnyside hill. There was a mill near by that was called the Sunnyside Mill.


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