Suspense readers have many choices this summer. If you’ve already read the newest novels by bestselling authors Harlan Coben, David Baldacci and John Sandford, try these read-alikes available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

If you enjoy Harlan Coben, try:

The Gentlemen's HourThe Gentlemen’s Hour by Don Winslow
A former cop-turned-private investigator agrees to help the defending lawyers when one of the members of his close-knit surfer community is murdered.

The Boyfriend by Thomas Perry
A retired LAPD homicide detective working as a private investigator takes the case of recently murdered young girl.

The Accident by Linwood Barclay
When his wife dies in a car crash and is later blamed for the deaths of two others in the same accident, a building contractor investigates and uncovers layers of corruption and illegal activity in his quiet suburb.

Don’t Look Back by Gregg Hurwitz
In the mountains of Oaxaca, a flash flood traps a tour group in the jungle with a dangerous predator who has a secret to protect.

Chasing DarknessChasing Darkness by Robert Crais
Three years after clearing a man of murder, a detective finds himself on trial when the former defendant is found dead holding photographs of the victim he was accused of killing.

If you enjoy David Baldacci, try:

Buried on Avenue B by Peter De Jonge
After an elderly man with encroaching Alzheimer’s disease confesses to a long-ago crime, the police dig up the garden where the body is supposed to be buried and find something unexpected.

At First Sight by Stephen J. Cannell
During a holiday trip to Maui with his unfaithful trophy wife, a middle-aged, disaffected millionaire becomes infatuated with a beautiful newlywed, an obsession that compels him to commit murder.

The Book of FateThe Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer
A two-hundred-year-old code devised by Thomas Jefferson becomes the key to a present-day conspiracy at the highest levels of Washington power.

Burn Factor by Kyle Mills
A low-level FBI employee turns up a mysterious DNA link among five gruesome murders, a connection the computer system had been carefully programmed to miss.

Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando
A Miami criminal defense lawyer learns his pro-bono client accused of terrorism is also the prime suspect in the murder of a young woman and the blinding of a police officer.

If you enjoy John Sandford, try:

The Black BoxThe Black Box by Michael Connelly
Investigating the 1992 open murder case of a female photographer during the LA riots, a cop links a bullet from a recent crime that indicates her death was not an act of random violence.

The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver
Chasing down a serial killer who complicates his crimes by leaving behind evidence implicating innocent people, two detectives find themselves marked as the killer’s next targets.

The Sign of the Book by John Dunning
Asked by his partner to help in the case of a friend accused of murdering her husband, a book collector looks into what happened at the family’s remote mountain home.

The Wrong Man by John Katzenbach
When his daughter becomes the target of a dangerous stalker, a college professor is forced to come up with a plan to outwit him.

Cut and RunCut and Run by Ridley Pearson
Stolen from the Justice Department by a psychotic killer and his mob bosses, an agent must recover the master witness protection list before thousands of lives are put in jeopardy.

June 10, 2016