Travel is the theme of these nonfiction titles available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

No Baggage : A Minimalist Tale of Love and WanderingNo Baggage: A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering by Clara Bensen
A woman agrees to set out on a travel experiment spanning eight countries in three weeks, with no hotel reservations, no plans and no baggage.

The Hundred-Year Walk: An Armenian Odyssey by Dawn Anahid MacKeen
Longing for a fuller picture of her grandfather’s life, a woman travels alone to Turkey and Syria to retrace his journey as part of the deadly mass deportation of Armenians during WWI.

The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain by Bill Bryson
The author of the classic 1995 travel book Notes from a Small Island, sets out to rediscover England by taking a weeks-long motoring trip around the countryside.

In Other WordsIn Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri
A series of reflections share Lahiri’s experience of learning Italian by living in Florence after college and seeking full immersion by moving to Rome years later with her family.

The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Quest to Ignite Goodwill and Transform Lives Around the World by Leon Logothetis
In search of a meaningful life, a stockbroker leaves his desk and sets out from Los Angeles on a vintage motorbike, determined to circumnavigate the globe surviving only on the kindness of strangers.

Wide-Open World: How Volunteering Around the Globe Changed One Family’s Lives Forever by John Marshall
The Marshall family traveled the globe by volunteering their time and energy to others in far-flung locales from Central America to East Asia.

Mama Koko and the Hundred Gunmen: One Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Tale of Love, Loss and Survival in Congo by Lisa J. Shannon
Joining a human rights advocate, a Congolese expatriate embarks on a perilous journey back to her homeland, now under the shadow of one of Africa’s most feared militias.

Dude Making a Difference : Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and Other Extreme Adventures Across AmericaDude Making a Difference: Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and Other Extreme Adventures Across America by Rob Greenfield
The author decided to take an adventure in low-impact, radical sustainability by pedaling from coast to coast in just over three months while creating only two pounds of trash, using just 160 gallons of water and eating food from grocery store dumpsters.

The Book of Wanderings: A Mother-Daughter Pilgrimage by Kimberly Meyer
The author and her college-age daughter leave dedicate a summer to retracing the footsteps of a medieval Dominican friar who journeyed from Venice to the Mediterranean through Greece and Cyprus to Israel, Palestine and Egypt.

Jesus Without Borders: What Planes, Trains and Rickshaws Taught Me About Jesus by Chad Gibbs
The author steps out of his comfortable Alabama Bible Belt existence to learn what it’s like to be a Christian anywhere else in the world, worshiping and discovering how their faith influences their daily lives and how their daily lives influence their faith.

Gap Year Girl: A Baby Boomer Adventure Across 21 Countries by Marianne C. Bohr
Two of the thousands of baby boomers that wandered the world on missions of self-discovery in the 60s and 70s, the author and her husband decided to revisit the places they encountered in their youth and create fresh memories along the way.

A Long Way from Paris by E.C. Murray
A woman is hired to herd goats on a remote mountain farm in the South of France where she carves out a life for herself without heat, running water or even a good grasp of French.

The Box Wine Sailors : Misadventures of a Broke Young Couple at SeaThe Box Wine Sailors: Misadventures of a Broke Young Couple at Sea by Amy McCullough
After reading a few books, watching instructional videos and sailing once a week for a year, a couple quit their jobs and bought a ramshackle boat, setting sail from Portland, Oregon for the Sea of Cortez.

Walking the Nile by Levison Wood
Camping in the wild, foraging for food and defending himself against multiple dangers, the author recounts his 4,250-mile trek walking the length of the Nile.

June 3, 2016